Friday, December 31, 2010

Bill Greenhead Stiky Pages Wins Prestigious Cartoonist Award!

It's called the Planet Cartoonist Ink Link Award. Only the very best can win this! Those that do have to be darned good! We're so proud of his site and of the cartoonists who have gone out of their way to contribute to the project. It's in its 3rd edition. As well as showcasing Bill it also features another of our illustrators John Adams, plus many well respected cartoonists. Its aim is to revive the underground comedy comic scene using old and new material. Check it out at

Merry Christmas

Illustration Ltd would like to wish you all a warm and woolly Christmas with Alan Baker's latest delightful animation.Alan was commissioned by Ivy Publications to create a short animation to promote "Knitivity" by Fiona Goble, a children’s book which gives instructions on how to knit a nativity scene, he was given a free hand to do anything within good taste and the result is this absolutely brilliant animation climaxing in a disco dancing Jesus. Don’t miss out seeing it here.

Ruth and James

It's been a musical summer for lettering artist Ruth Rowland.
Hot on the heels of the Lennon job, she has just completed the latest James Blunt album. "Some Kind Of Trouble" plus his latest single, "Stay The Night" sees loose, brush style lettering created to work with the overall design of the packaging which has an old school, scrapbook feel. The layouts were put together traditionally with sellotape and paper and then photographed. The style is also taken through to James Blunt's website.

An Imaginary Menagerie

If you have the winter blues then Andy Hammond's latest project is sure to bring a smile to your face.
"An Imaginary Menagerie" is a recent personal project, with illustrations created by Andy and the words dreamt up by his good friend David Drew. The result is a thoroughly amusing 40 page book of rhyming couplets in glorious colour, he self published a few copies to peek the interest of publishers, it’s a great coffee table book!

Bourjois's Flower

Who better than Nadia Flower to illustrate Bourjois’s latest advertising campaign.
Her delicate graphics were commissioned by wonder agency Talents Only in Paris, this elegant illustration can currently be found gracing the pages of the latest magazines and also displayed at points of sale within shops.

An Austrian Advent

This cheery design is the handiwork of Tim Bradford who has just completed this wonderful advent calender for an Austrian Bank via agency Identum Communications.
Tim’s bright and lively style is perfect for this busy winter scene, he explains, "...It’s my take on a traditional winter christmassy scene, I took inspiration from a recent holiday travelling around Austria and a visit to Alpenzoo in Innsbruck!..."

Tallon on Design Week

Ben Tallon is the artist behind this powerful image which was used last month on the front cover of Design week.Illustrating a feature on designers’ music projects, Ben’s portrait perfectly captures the strength and attitude of D.J, mu

Spam Head

Next time you receive a junk email you may be able to put a face to the name! The extremely talented Kavel Rafferty has completed a limited edition, bespoke book called Spam Head.
Kavel explains, "The book is a collection of portraits based on the strange and sometimes wonderful names that arrive uninvited to my email account every day, trying to sell me designer replica watches, Viagra and other such nonsense. I wanted to make portraits for these funny faceless folk...." Made in collaboration with Sam Arthur at Nobrow the signed book is available here.

A Digital Hockney - Derek Bacon

We are thrilled to welcome Derek Bacon to the agency. His montage style is rooted in his love of the ordinary. The work is narrartive, contemporary and striking.

Hungry for Their Art

The Art department from the Saturday Independent set up a foodie photshoot for Philip Bishop to take one step further and illustrate, and promptly ate all the goodies before getting the photos back!

I Could Be an Angel

Norwegian born illustrator Steinar Lund works along side international music and portrait photographer Perou, on The Eighties Matchbox B Line Disaster's new single and upcoming album. The collaboration between photographer and illustrator proved very inspiring for both sides. Perou celebrates individualism with a unique perspective on the world and Steinar relished the opportunity to explore a more surreal & gothic side to his illustrations. The single 'I Could Have Been An Angle' is out already and the album 'The Royal Society' is out in October.

Andrew Selby's Winning Entry for 3X3

Andrew Selby has had an illustration selected for 3x3 The Contemporary of Illustration inaugural Professional Show. Andrew's winning entry was originally commissioned by Scottish design group Redpath, back in spring 2004, for clients the International Council of Shopping Centres. The Illustration was part of a set of four designs for use as pavilion banners and point of sale publicity material. Titled "Environment', the successful digital illustration joins 99 other winners out of a total of more than 1450 entries from all over the globe.

Andrew's work will now be reproduced in the first Professional Show annual and there will also be an accompanying exhibition in New York at the end of this year.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Its all about Egg on Toast

Paul Daviz has created an animation for this new charity's website. "It's all about egg on toast' was set up by Shane Ward to help men overcome the difficulties brought on by the break up of a relationship and the subsequent seperation from their children. Shane wanted positive imagery to show how fathers can over come the barriers that keep them apart from their kids. In his graphic style, Paul achieves emotion and sensitivity to the subject matter.

Toro! Toro! Toro!

Derek Bacon has created a cracking action packed illustration for Canadian magazine Toro.. Art director Alicia Kowalewski, to complement an article on the Ontario hockey League and their coach commissioned Bacon's to create an illustration of the team.

Passion for fashion

Ella Tjader creates exquisite feminine pieces with a curly line and vivid colours . With a passion for drawing fashion and beautiful women, Ella is also opened minded about new subject matter. Working in a combination of illustrator, photoshop and good old-fashioned sketching on Paper the results are truly stunning. See for yourself...

Nick Cave as Orpheus

Sharif Tarabay has really pulled something unique out of the hat for Mojo Magazine. For the review of Nick Cave's new album, Sharif has illustrated him as orpheus.
' Orpheus an obvious rock 'n' roll hero as he played the Lyre, was a hit with the ladies, and was doomed. Also founded a frenzied cult.No wonder Cave uses him as a touch stone. ' MOJO MAGAZINE.

Wicked Willie:Reloaded

Gray Jolliffe has brought us a tour of the Wicked Willie world with his new book Wicked Willie: Reloaded. Including subjects such as Love, Where Willie came from and many more, this’ll definitely spice up your Christmas. It’s been 20 years since Wicked Willie was created and he’s still going strong, after selling over 5 million books his fans can’t get enough of him! It’s a great Xmas present and a great laugh.

Creative Match illustrator of the month - Derek Bacon

'Biker Nick' was commissioned for a tutorial on getting lighting right in Photomontage. Working in photoshop nick sucessfully brings chear with his sunny side up street scene.

Award Winning Cube

The super talented Cube team are really in the zone it's official! Their 'Model Managers Kit' illustration done for JD Weatherspoon , commissioned by Mark Rice of And Advertising, won 'Best Advertisment' at the Communicator Awards in America and was also a finalist at the B2B awards in the UK. The success doesn't end there! It has also won a recruitment Gramia at the Grocery Retail Advertising and Marketing Industry awards 2004 . (other wise known as the Gramia's) Three cheers for Cube and Mark Rice!

Mark Oliver's success with D&AD nominatio

Mark's genius has been recognised along with excellent design work from Design Bridge, London. The punch and Judy packaging illustrations for Roche are truly unique.

The Beach is Calling

Ruth Rowland puts her magic calligraphic touch to a new Coca Cola campaign. Not only did Ruth work on their copy ' The Beach is calling' , she also supplied a series of loose illustrations to match the script. With a very tight deadline, involving three time zones!! Ruth admits that prior to working with a computer she wouldn't have been able to complete the job on time. Millions will get to enjoy the fruits of Ruths work across Australia on posters , packaging and point of sale.

Humans, Cats, Dogs & Sex!

The one and only Gray Jolliffe makes life easy for us by categorising his work at this latest exhibition at the The Chelsea Arts Club . Best known for his Wicked Willie character, Gray's show was launched with a lively private view last night. The event was naturally well attended by an effervescent crowd who were very keen to plant red dots all over the walls. Gray had thought of pricing his works on a different scale all together: - Not funny, Fairly Funny, Very funny, & hilarious! The show continues until the 28th of June.
Illustrations are taken from three books which are to be published later in the year:- 'Dialogues with Dogs', 'Chats with Cats' and 'Wicked Willie Re-Loaded'.

No No After You!

A goose or a turkey, which do you choose this Christmas? Mark Oliver has created an amazing animation for our Christmas greeting this year, humour together with great draughtsmanship, technique and style, Mark’s mouth watering temptation also provides a visual feast. We should warn you to enter with caution. See the animation at and Mark's whole portfolio at

Exotic Montana

One of our new and fresh artists to join the team is Montana Forbes. From Atlanta but living and working in London, her sultry and exotic illustrations are just what you need for the Xmas blues. Montana is a fashion illustrator who is influenced by Fine Art, Pop Art and Japanese animation.

Welcome Vincent

Welcome on board Vincent Vigla! A Paris based illustrator who has complementary techniques and uses a great sense of humour to create both amusing and alarming characters which live in rich and emotive environments. With a wealth of international clients he also finds time to teach aswell as animate……take a look at his world.

Click here to see Vincent's full online portfolio.

Bannister illustrates Rudyard Kipling

With 5 volumes to illustrate Philip Bannister is working his way through an exciting project for the Folio Society. Possibly the biggest job that the Folio Society has yet produced, the ‘Complete Short Stories of Rudyard Kipling’ are allowing Philip to use his strong drawing technique to its full potential. The job is due for completion in March so with interior illustrations, covers and the slipcase design yet to be produced it’s a project Philip has really got his teeth into. Joe Whitlock-Blundell is the Production Director at the Folio Society responsible for commissioning the artwork.

Bill Greenhead wins Nexus Award

Comic book hero Annual Report for Whittington Hospital NHS Trust wins the Nexus Award for the second year running! His brief was to illustrate the entire job as though it were an American superhero comic, he had to adapt his style considerably for the job swapping his cartoonist head for more of a ‘Marvel Graphic Artist’ head. The Report got masses of local interest and Whittington entered it for the Nexus Annual Report and Primary Care Prospectus Awards. A winner! John Stewart at Causeway Communications commissioned the art and was a dream to work with.

Victoria Ball; Our New Childrens Book Illustrator

We are very excited about Victoria Ball; the imaginative and prolific children’s book illustrator who has joined us recently. She has a rich wealth of images already commissioned since graduating from Falmouth College of Arts, her beautiful technique has already been successful with the BAFTA Award winning children’s series ‘Ripley and Scuff’ for Children’s ITV. Check out her cheeky characters.

Selfridges Tribune

Caroline Church and David Downton are both making fashion headlines on the cover of the first ever edition of the Selfridges Tribune. Warren Jackson of Fifty -One creative commissioned Caroline to create the masthead in her timeless scraperboard style. Her illustration of the famous London store can also be seen in the windows of the famous London Store! The ever-Stylish fashion artist David Downton's front-page illustration accompanies the headline story: - 'Dressing up secret exposed' Yes ladies we apparently now free to be elegant ….

Frith and Glenfiddich

Michael Frith has just completed a fantastic portrait scene with Presky Maves for Glenfiddich. This combination of unlikely companions (including Picasso and Fidel Castro), relaxing with some of the finest whisky was the perfect job for Michael, having been commissioned to do hundreds of portraits throughout his career. Used as a Direct Mail piece this illustration was commissioned by Kevin Reece; Art Director at Presky Maves and is being sent out as we speak!
Newsletter has prompted any thoughts or ideas that we can be of help with, we would be only too delighted to hear from you.

Willie's Green Fingers

Willie Ryan’s first passion isn’t gardening but for the last 2 years he has been very close to the finer details of digging, weeding and sowing. Tim Shearring at The Telegraph has commissioned Willie consistently for a weekly Saturday spot in the Gardening section. The illustrations are printed fairly small which is fine for Willie’s very graphic icon-like style, he is also left to do pretty much what he wants given the flexibility of the Art Director’s 'the quirkier the better' approach. The images continue to be fun to do and infact inspirational for Willie, what more could an Illustrator want?

Steinar is very Healthy!

Lund; photorealist extraordinaire has been working with Peter Bates at Ambler bates on a new range of healthy fruit based yoghurts & smoothies for Gourmet Joe's Pretzels. In the UK they have shops in London, Oxford and Manchester but are due to open another 10 stores this year making them become the UK's leading American Pretzel brand. Steinar has used his skills to effect with a collection of illustrations of fruit and smoothies no customer could turn down, the fruit looks so ripe it has to be real!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Barry's Soups!

Warm up this winter with some Covent Garden Soups. Barry Patterson has now completed over 30 illustrations for the successful cartons ranging from his favourite which is Mushroom to Spicy Haddock Chowder to Broccoli & Blue Stilton. A job which has been on going for about 3 years, the illustrations are commissioned by Clare Devonport at Reach Design. Barry’s colourfully rich style provides a great eye catcher for the soups on the shelf, have you ever seen food illustrated with such depth and passion?

The Italian Job

Alan Baker gets the royal treatment form an Italian publishing client. Having tted at the Bologna book fair, start up company Filipo woo Brighton based Alan. He received an all expenses paid trip out to Turin to talk about working together on a series of fantasy teen titles. In his own words he was treated like an illustration guru, over restaurant tables given folios to look through form other Italian illustrators, so that the 'master' could advise on how they could improve. For a short while Alan thought he had died and gone to illustration heaven!

Though the client has turned out to be quite exacting and the budget for book covers not in the same league as their expenses kitty!! It's still makes the job a sunnier experience all round.

Ella Helps Out

A couple of months back a team from the design agency iLovedust UK came up with an idea to publish a book of graphic design, illustration and photography to raise money to help charities deal with the Tsunami crisis in Asia. Ella Tjader, queen of the feminine and beautiful line has been selected to appear in the book, along with some 240 contributors. “A Book Designed to Help” will be launched around March 15th by the renowned design publisher Die Gestalten Verlag (dgv). It’s an affordable hardback indulgent book containing over 1000 artworks across 304 pages. Ella’s distinct and elegant style will be sure to lift the page. For more information about the book go to See Ella’s entire portfolio at

We have a Rockstar

Richard Phipps has recently completed a tremendous artwork for the US magazine Guitarworld. The commissioner Andy Omel briefed Richard to illustrate an article on a guitarist called Yngwie who was popular in the 1980's and played somewhat in the style of Paganini, mixing rock and classical music. The brief was to produce a portrait that would reproduce opposite an 18th century drawing of Paganini paying his violin, and to be in a period style to match. Richard took great care in getting the paper texture right and also (most importantly for the guitar enthusiast) drawing Yngwie’s Fendler Stratocaster correctly. After being saved by a family member who told Richard to "check the number and position of the dots between the frets", Richard realised he couldn’t afford for the detail even to be slightly off, guitar lovers maybe picky about their guitars but the illustration was bang on target

Clever and Indulgent

We are very fortunate to now represent Steven Pattison. With a background as a Graphic Designer his rich, fun, conceptual and humorous illustrations stand out from the crowd. He has an amazing use of colour, collage and drawing technique which when fused with his design abilities, create images near to perfection. With work commissioned over a wide spectrum of subject matter and variety of uses Steven Pattison is the dream illustrator both to represent and to commission.

Bacon Re-Designs Brussels

Derek Bacon has just finished a commission for a Brussels based agency to promote the re-development of the city. Speculoos (the design agency) were asked by Brussels City Council to promote 4 large areas in order to find investors for the building of new urban areas. Derek so cleverly mixing his photomontage with imagination and vision created the images which have been enlarged as exhibition panels and are currently being shown at the Mipim at Cannes – the biggest real estate fair in Europe. He says about the job; ‘with no idea of what the actual architecture will eventually look like, the illustrations had to show the developments in a more abstract way’, as the areas are currently old railway zones it was a test of Derek’s vision of what such a big city could look like. Derek was given a blank canvas in the most extreme sense!. See Derek’s entire portfolio at

Stuart Goes Mobile

‘SFR’; a leading mobile telecom network in France have been working with a French agency called Draft to roll out ads nationwide in the form of posters, leaflets and TV. Stuart Holmes has been commissioned to produce all the art and we’re very pleased with the results! For Stuart the main grab was two 6 second animated TV identities that go out Sunday evenings Nationwide across France, he completed the illustrations whilst an animator tagged them together. This high profile job was commissioned by Yannick Minvielle of Draft, Stuart also worked alongside our French agent Marie Bastille to complete the job. His contemporary, fresh and clean style gives the ads the simplicity required for a direct message. See Stuart’s entire portfolio at

Plot 52

Greg Becker has now been a full time illustrator for over 20 years since leaving the RCA. Whilst this fact may make him feel old (!), he has built up a huge body of artworks both as an Illustrator and Painter for many and varied clients. Probably best known for the children’s books he’s illustrated, Greg has now written his own book; an illustrated diary of life on his allotment. Greg says about the project; ‘PLOT 52 is a gently humorous and slightly quirky record of events and encounters taking place on my allotment, mainly concerning the difficulties of growing your own veg, fighting against the forces of nature and dealing with tools with a mind of their own.’ The project is still in motion but is sure to find a publisher soon. Greg’s colourful crayon illustrations will make it a great gift book.

Not a problem for Simon Williams

The Daily Mail’s Monday problem page proves not to be such a stress for Simon Williams. He is commissioned by Craig Gunn every week for the Lifestyle section; currently written by Anne Diamond to lighten the problems of the week. Created in Photoshop, Simon’s contemporary graphic style contrasts the problematic nature of the text which is sent in from the general public. He has a fair bit of freedom being given just the outline to each question asked, so he doesn’t get too bogged down with the individual issues. Check his work out every Monday in The Daily Mail.

Mark Oliver – Winner of the SAA Transport for London Awards

We are more than proud to announce Mark Oliver is the winner of the SAA Transport for London Awards. Being one of the most prestigious awards for Illustrators to win at present, Mark’s illustration on a theme of ‘OPEN SPACES BY TUBE, BUS AND RIVER’ represents a huge achievement both for him and for us. Mark says about his win; ’When you look through all those great posters at the TFL museum it feels like a great honour to join them...and the money's nice too!’. Mark’s image is not only a beautiful illustration but so accurately conveys the idea, with a subtle but ample gesture of transport in London. The artwork has been beautifully designed and has the confidence that a minimal palette can achieve, surrealism meets 21st century illustration. He is a unique, incredibly versatile star!

A Year of Covers for Mike Stones

Mike Stones has got himself a year’s contract to produce the covers for the Lancet Oncology - a journal publishing articles and research on medical issues. He’s allowed immense freedom with the job , the fact that the client doesn’t require a visual reinforces in Mike that he’s been commissioned purely for what his work is about. Dr Lidia Siemaszkiewicz; the Deputy Editor sends Mike a summary of a key article in the issue, as long as he is sensitive to what might appear in the image and not let his style undermine the article, he can create and be creative! With 3 covers already produced this year, Mike has completed some superb illustrations combining photomontage, graphic marks and lettering to create an almost wet off the litho feel! See Mike’s entire portfolio at

Patrick Boyer, The Urban Cowboy Rides Into Town

This month we welcome Montreal’s Patrick Boyer, who brings to the fore his sub-cultural blend of urban skate/punk. Operating out of Montreal Patrick has an insatiable appetite for premium design with a heavy dose of his own distinct street style and flare. Striding into town with a spring in his step and a saucy portfolio on line the future for Patrick Boyer should be a riot.

Andrew Selby

Andrew Selby has had two works selected for the Design and New Media section ssociation of Illustrators' Images 29 annual. 'Architecture' was commissioned by Scottish design group Redpath for clients the International Council of Shopping Centres, while 'Flag' was commissioned by the Design Institute of Australia as a design to update the Australian national flag for the 21st Century.

"Being selected to appear in Images 29 is a great honour, especially when you have been chosen by judges whose work and art direction you admire," said Andrew

Andrew's work will be exhibited at the Mall Galleries in London in July 2005 as well as appearing in Images 29, scheduled for release around the same time.

Robinson Gives Up Junk!

Keith Robinson has just produced a spectacular animation entitled ‘Food Most Fowl’ for the website supporting the Channel 4 programme ‘Jamie’s School Dinners’. The animation was commissioned by Ian Hollworth at 72 dots who briefed Keith to produce a humourous spoof horror cartoon, satirising the horrible things that go into processed food. Keith created the character Prof. F. Rankfurter along with a detailed storyboard, outline of the script, main body of artwork, sorted the timing and produced all the finished animation in Flash. Also he directed the voiceover. It’s a humourous but also serious look at processed food lightened by Keith’s fun style. He says of the commission ‘It was great fun animating the nutty, unhinged professor, and referencing classic horror movies like Bride of Frankenstein. I’ll never eat another chicken nugget though!’ Ian at 72 dots was confident of Keith’s ability, he says of the artist ‘Quite simply, one of the most professional people I have worked with in the last 10 years’. See the animation here : .See Keith’s entire portfolio at

Celebrity Bee

We’ve been entering the monthly Creativematch Flair competition for a while now and have gained an impressive list of winners along the way. The New Year didn’t disappoint as Bee Willey was declared the January Flair winner with a page from her new children’s book ‘Celebrity Cat’. Commissioned by Judith Escreet and due to be published by Frances Lincoln in March 2006, the author Meredith Hooper has worked with Bee on previous books, the combination is obviously inspiring. Bee’s absorbing, atmospheric scenes inhabited by her ever so slightly stylised characters feel like they’ve been sprinkled with magical dust. Well done Bee!

Ella is so Stylish!

The princess of all things girly and pretty Ella was recently commissioned by Linda Burrows at the Style supplement of The Sunday Times to illustrate an article all about the shenanigans of the infamous Notting Hill tribe. A beautiful, summery Primrose Hill with bird and flowers was the backdrop for the tale of saucy going ons!

John Paul Early

Our Middlesbrough man continues to produce funny and exciting work, with a mind that knows he needs to move with the times, he’s come a long way since moving to London in 1988 to set up as an illustrator. With a couple of Illustration awards under his belt, John Paul’s turning point came when he was commissioned to do a VW ad; to produce several humourous characters cut to white, this job in a way freed him to work in a more simple effective style. Animation has also opened doors for John Paul and with the completion of a 50 minute animated DVD he feels this is the creative genre for him to excel. He still keeps to his roots and paints traditionally in oils and exhibits his work in London. Being one of the most easy-going illustrators around, any client can be sure to enjoy working with our John Paul! See his entire portfolio at

Cube get Nutty!

Award winning digital illustration team Cube got nutty this spring by creating this new character for chocolate spread Nutella. This quirky chap was created to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Nutella! Looks good enough to eat!

The Axe effect

International illustrator Paul Daviz has been putting his humourous touch to a large-scale advertising campaign for 'The Axe effect' across America. Paul's old school playboy cartoons are amusing the youth of today across university and college campases. The question is are the girls falling at his feet as a result?!
tor:Paul Daviz. Art Director: Josette Lata of Bartle Bogle Hegarty (New York). Client:Axe

Who Let The Dogs Out!

Derek Bacon lends his unimitable style to a fantastic book about children's dogs. Commissioned by Todd Brizendine at Innovative Kids in the US Derek created all the backgrounds for the canine inspired book. Enough to make us bark for joy!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Featured Artist Sarah Beetson and new design collaboration

The fantastic Sarah Beetson is working on a series of fashion illustrations for Melbourne designer Satya James. The images highlight her made-to-order collection of lush corsets and feminine dresses in a style describe as 'posh-punk'. All done in Sarah's bubblegum punk electric style the illustrations will be used for Satya's forthcoming website and displayed at her fashion show at Trash Palace, Soho. You can see her showroom @the electric ballroom, camden town, Sundays.

Laurence Cleyet Merles new book invites us to travel!

Recently commissioned by Margerite Tiberti of French publishers Les Editions du Ricochet the book tells the enchanting tale of our hero Odilon a little field vole who dreams of flying away! He builds lots of machine which always nose dive (aahhhh) but eventually is whisked away to Africa with new friend Marinette a stork! Beautifully illustrated by Laurence this story is an invitation to children to travel and discover the world!

Bill Greenhead goes 30's

A master of cartoon and humour Bill Greenhead has another stylistic feather to add to his cap. Commissioned by Simon Robinson at John Brown Citrus Bill has just finished a new illustration for Orange magazine in the style of the great Ralph Barton from the 30's. The scene was set in a grand dinner party featuring some contemporary film stars of today…have a look and see who you can spot?! A different style from Bills norm he kept the line work very linear with blasts of flat tone and sparse use of airbrush. A more sophisticated style emerges!

Greenhead and Mook

Bill Greenhead has just finished working with Mook to produce an animation for the Sunday Times. His persistently humourous style used effectively in this ad for an audiobook giveaway was a challenge for Bill, he had to balance using bitmap graphics in Flash with the filesize and the animation speed. Wow!

Busy Busy Corr

Christopher Corr continues to be the successful and talented creature who has influenced the Illustration world for so many years. Such beautiful artworks which sit like a dream in magazines, books, on food packets and our walls, express his passion for creativity. He is currently working on a book for Saks Fifth Avenue, September also brings an exhibition of his work in Lorgues, Provence.