Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rachel Oxley's Scrapbook

Digital illustrator Rachel Oxley tells of the cathartic process of scanning all her collected inspirational scraps of paper to create a virtual scrapbook.

Rachel Oxley's Scrapbook
RachelOxley's portfolio

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Musical Soccer

EMI recently commissioned the brilliant Danny Allison to create this bold illustration for their latest CD cover.

This themed CD for the World Cup in South Africa will be distributed internationally for use in broadcasts worldwide. Danny was briefed to create a cover with an African theme but also to make it feel contemporary and original, I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a roaring success!

Art on the Underground by Garrick Webster

Artist Dryden Goodwin has created an incredible drawing project for Art on the Underground. Commissioned by Travel for London, the project saw Goodwin sketching 60 London Underground staff working on the Jubilee line. While he sketched, a camera recorded the development of each portrait, as well as his conversations with the sitters who talk about their jobs and their lives. “I like this sense of evoking both a physical and emotional mapping of the Jubilee Line. The portraits were drawn in a variety of locations such as train operator’s cabs, signal towers, management offices, station control rooms, ticket offices and at gates,” he says.

Posters in London tube stations encourage travellers to check out Dryden Goodwin’s project Linear, an in-depth sketching study of life on the Jubilee line.

New media company Nice Spots helped by creating the interface for Linear
Visitors to the website can watch videos of the sketches being created, and listen to the sitters discussing their lives with the artist.

It’s like digital impressionism as artist Dryden Goodwin sketches 60 Jubilee line employees for Linear.

See Linear at 

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This Week's StockIllustrations Newsletter



This week we have a selection of cold-blooded creatures for you to enjoy!

From crocodiles and alligators to lizards and snakes, if it's a report you're writing about reptile life that needs anatomically correct illustrations or cute characters for a kid's story, have a look at our site, rich with reptile life!

Remember, if you don't see what you need, our illustrators will gladly undertake commissions. Just send us your brief and let us know what it is you need! 
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Next week's theme will be healthy living!
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

FRAME X FRAME Newsletter April 2010: The Keyz Music Video, South Park MTV, Wiki Guide and The Tribe Trailer.

Animation News
April 2010
Exclusive Preview
Wiki Guide
Tim Bradford has fun with this animated short guide to Wiki's for Becta.
Exclusive Preview
The Tribe
Bill Greenhead makes the trailer and works with writers to launch a TV Series called Tribe.
Exclusive Preview
The Keyz
Nick Murray Willis finishes this fantastic music video animation for The Keyz debut album.
Exclusive Preview
South Park MTV
Keith Robinson produces some amusing South Park promos for MTV's freeview channel Viva.