Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We have a Rockstar

Richard Phipps has recently completed a tremendous artwork for the US magazine Guitarworld. The commissioner Andy Omel briefed Richard to illustrate an article on a guitarist called Yngwie who was popular in the 1980's and played somewhat in the style of Paganini, mixing rock and classical music. The brief was to produce a portrait that would reproduce opposite an 18th century drawing of Paganini paying his violin, and to be in a period style to match. Richard took great care in getting the paper texture right and also (most importantly for the guitar enthusiast) drawing Yngwie’s Fendler Stratocaster correctly. After being saved by a family member who told Richard to "check the number and position of the dots between the frets", Richard realised he couldn’t afford for the detail even to be slightly off, guitar lovers maybe picky about their guitars but the illustration was bang on target

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