Thursday, August 29, 2013

Working Abroad

Yaeko Abe's delightful drawing appears in a recent issue of ELLE Girl Japan.
Asked to illustrate an article on individuals with idealistic ideas about moving abroad to study and work, Yaeko's wide eyed girl looks ready to conquer the world. She says of the commission "...the article features numerous real life stories about individuals who have experienced language barriers, cultural differences in difficult situations, and many other hardships while working in New York City, Los Angeles, London, and Paris".

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

O2 Geometrics


Gail Armstrong has been working on something slightly different lately for 02 magazine. Used on the July issue cover, Gail had to build a "set" in which a Nokia phone would sit. She says "The random geometric panels and the shadows they cast, had to work within the cover layout and not detract from any of the cover text. A challenge for my mathematical skills, but a very pleasing result." Gail made the paper sculpture from 2 different finishes of paper: a brushed steel paper in keeping with the finish of the phone, and a pearlised white paper, to keep the piece looking cool and clinical, but with a little hint of sparkle in the texture.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Pentonville Road

John Walsom is happy to have this gorgeously moody watercolour accepted for the Sunday Times watercolour competition. "Pentonville Road" will go on exhibition at the Mall Galleries in September.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Muxxi has been working in collaboration with Momiji HQ to create a limited edition doll. The result is Kouki; an 8cm handpainted resin doll who holds a tiny secret message in a folded card when turned upside down. This very desirable gift see's Muxxi's unique style converted into a small sculpture.
Muxxi says "It was amazing to see one of my characters transformed in a 3D piece. The name of the doll means light, shine, happiness and hope."
The client Claire Rowlands of Momiji says of the commission "Working with Muxxi has been a very happy process, we're crazy in love with the psychedelic planets she takes us to and the mysterious inhabitants we meet there. Muxxi's Momiji is named Kouki and she's a global limited edition of just 750 precious pieces. Each one is hand numbered on the base. Kouki will arrive at your house packaged in our signature Momiji noodle box, customised with Muxxi's intergalactic amazingness"
The limited edition doll can be purchased here.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Food for the Little Printer


visuals from the printed application

Lauren Mortimer has been commissioned by BBC GoodFood to illustrate 52 food items.
Designed to be printed from your smartphone using the Little Printer and showing customers which foods are in season, the illustrations spanning a year can be gathered 'to create a timely, beautiful miniature newspaper.' Because of the thermal nature of the Little Printer, Lauren's drawings had to be black and white resulting in small detailed gems of line.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Open for Business

Gail Armstrong has finished a super commission from Bader Rutter recently.
Asked to create two linking images for the cover story of Impact Magazine, Gail's creations were to illustrate the implications of moving to more open-plan office environments for an article entitled Open for Business. Gail says "The first image is of a closed box, the sides of which are reminiscent of the classic, textured partition walls often used to divide up and enclose workstations in offices. The word OPEN is cut into one side of the box. In the second image the word becomes freestanding, the walls fall away and the office workers are seen interacting in a more pleasant and free environment". A partial animation of the second image can be seen here.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Paradise Found

Miminne's eye catching fashion illustration has appeared in the latest issue of Style; the Sunday Times supplement. Commissioned for the Beauty feature entitled 'Paradise Found', Miminne says of the job; "The story is about how gorgeous you could look this summer without spending a fortune on high-end products". The team at Style has described the experience of working with Miminne as an absolute delight!