Thursday, September 30, 2010

Illustration competition: design a Christmas card for ShelterBox

An exciting new creative competition has been launched today, giving both new and established illustrators,
graphic designers and artists the chance to have their work featured alongside some of the UK’s top illustrators in
a special range of charity Christmas cards for ShelterBox.

The cards will be sold in packs of 10, featuring two sets of five designs. Competition entrants across the UK will be
vying for their design to be featured as the fifth card alongside the four other high‐profile illustrators contributing
work. All profits from the cards will go direct to ShelterBox, the international disaster relief charity based in
Helston, Cornwall.

Jon Burgerman, one of the UK’s most revered illustrators and cartoonists, is designing the first card in the set: “In
this iAge of digital everything, a nicely designed card is a great little goodie to give,” he said. It can be like a mini
artwork, beaming from a mantel piece.”

Exhibiting across the world from LA to Shanghai, Barcelona to Melbourne, Jon’s distinctive style has gained a cult
following in recent years and won him a Cannes Lions Advertising Award. He’s designed everything from tees,
trainers, toys and video games to a popular iPhone app launched earlier this year. The second card in the set will
be designed by Jenny Bowers – whose recent projects include illustrations for Channel 4, The New York Times,
Creative Review and Samsung – with two more names being announced at the official launch in November.
The Christmas cards and competition are the idea of Penryn‐based creative communications agency, Stranger
Collective – the team behind the former award‐winning creative lifestyle magazine. Helen Gilchrist, director of
Stranger Collective, said: “We wanted to create an alternative range of Christmas cards this year – cards that are
original, colourful and fun, which we would want to send our friends. After publishing the magazine, we’re lucky to
be in touch with a fantastic network of illustrators like Jon and Jenny – but wanted to use this as an opportunity to
show off fresh talent too.”

Helen has recently become a ShelterBox Response Team member, trained to accompany ShelterBox’s aid into the
disaster zone to ensure it reaches those who need it most. She adds: “ShelterBox was our natural choice of charity
– they’re highly respected on the international stage, they were the leading provider of emergency shelter in Haiti,
and are based just up the road from us!”

Each ShelterBox provides an extended family of up to 10 people with a tent and essential survival equipment to
use while they rebuild their homes.

A special event to launch the cards will be held on the evening Thursday 11 November at The Poly, Falmouth,
where the final five designs will be unveiled. The cards will then be available to buy in shops and online up until

This rare opportunity to contribute a design is open to everyone. The competition closes at midnight on
Wednesday 20 October and the winner will be announced on Friday 22 October.

How to enter:
• Email your designs to christmascards@stranger‐
• Designs should be 300dpi, 105 x 150mm JPGs in portrait aspect ratio.
• Illustrations should focus around a seasonal theme of Christmas, contain no specific religious content and
appeal to a wide audience.

Stranger Collective is an all‐encompassing creative communications agency that evolved out of the award‐winning
cult Cornish lifestyle magazine, Stranger. The Collective has over 45 years’ combined experience working with a
wide range of local, national and international clients including iTunes Live, Port Eliot Festival, Saab, Guava, Sony
BMG, Telstra International, the NHS, Discovery Channel, Time Out, The Observer, The Guardian and University
College Falmouth. Stranger Collective’s primary activities include conceiving and producing creative
communications campaigns and managing new brand, design and website projects for a wide range of clients.

ShelterBox is an international disaster relief charity that provides shelter, warmth and dignity to people affected by
disasters worldwide. It delivers boxes of aid, each of which provides a family of 10 with quality survival equipment
to use while they rebuild their homes – including a large tent, blankets, mosquito nets, water containers and water
purification equipment, a cooking stove and equipment and a toolkit. Each box costs £490, which includes the cost
of delivery to those who need it. ShelterBox Response Teams (SRTs) accompany the boxes into disaster zones,
responding to earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, hurricanes, cyclones, tsunami or conflict. Recent deployments
include Haiti (over 27,000 boxes sent so far), Brazil, Pakistan, Guatemala, Niger and the Philippines.

Britt Spencer's Scrapbook

Hollywood based illustrator Britt Spencer shares what inspires him to "start doodling away on a savage journey".
Britt Spencer's Scrapbook

Vögele's Autumn Campaign

Claire Rollet is the goody two shoes behind these wonderful line illustrations commissioned by funky Swiss ad agency Inhalt & Form for Vögele Shoes.

Forming part of an Autumn advertising campaign, Claire’s graceful illustrations in which she created some drawn European landscapes are being used to enliven the pages of a brochure, they also appear on their blog.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Barry Patterson's Scrapbook

Illustrator Barry Patterson tells of his enjoyment in working in both pastel and photo-realistic styles.
Barry Patterson's Scrapbook

Ede's Geometry

Chris Ede has just finished this visually stunning self promotion piece.

He explains, "I've created a new logo/identity from which I started to explore a different method of working using bold geometric grids and shapes. The aim of this project was to create a poster mail out encompassing this new style whilst retaining my original line work." We think it's super!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

UN Stamp

If you’re sending a letter this month be sure to brighten it up with Christopher Corr’s latest stamp commissioned by the United Nations.

Chris’s unique style brings alive this stamp, illustrating in bold and bright colours the diversity of people and architecture in New York and the United Nations. A special first day cover issue of the stamp has also been produced.

Midwifery Awards

Nadia Flower is the artist behind this beautiful illustration created for the upcoming 2011 RCM Midwifery Awards.

This illustration helped to launch their website, others she has created have featured within the latest issue of Midwives magazine and will also feature on invites and adverts.

Monday, September 27, 2010

John Harvard Library

This commanding illustration is the result of an ongoing project by the very talented Robert Carter.

Commissioned by the Harvard University Press’s continuing John Harvard Library, they are re-issuing newly designed editions of the series which was first published in the 60's and 70's. It is a collection of important documents in American history as well as the writings of significant figures. So far Robert has completed 15 portraits with about 35 still to do.

Nadia Flower's Scrapbook

New Zealand based illustrator Nadia Flower, shares her love of all things Japanese and lending her creative skills to online retailer ASOS.
Nadia Flower's Scrapbook

Friday, September 24, 2010

Tasmina Perry

A lettering artist who needs no introduction is the marvellous Ruth Rowland who this month completed the lettering for Tasmina Perry’s latest book.

Ruth explains, "Headline Publishing asked me to take another look at Tasmina Perry's name. I'd worked on the logo previously for Harper Collins and they wanted something different to launch her latest book. I worked on a range of options focusing on a fresh, spontaneous feel with a touch of sophistication. The lettering also had to be strong enough to stand alone on the cover as the designer wanted it to be prominent feature of the overall design."

James Hodgkins's Scrapbook

Collections of toy robots, art books & vintage travel posters inspire James Hodgkins's comic strip & graphic style.
James Hodgkins's Scrapbook

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Adventures of Penny the Postie

Watch out this month for Keith Robinson’s latest offering, "The Adventures of Penny the Postie: Penny and the Pirates".

These enchanting illustrations can be discovered within the pages of his latest book which he has both written and illustrated. Keith was commissioned by Guernsey Post to create a children’s character which has featured on stamps together with a series of books, this being the first. For a peek click here.

Monaco Dreams

Let yourself drift away with Christian David Moore’s Monaco posters.

This stunning image is one of four posters created by Christian and commissioned by Green Team, New York to promote Monaco. Featuring the renowned Oceanographic museum, this poster focuses on how Monaco and the Prince Albert II foundation are helping to protect the worlds' oceans.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Victoria Ball's Scrapbook

Illustrator Victoria Ball tells of her luck at having not one, but 2 studios! She also has 2 portfolios to reflect her kids & lifestyle work.

Victoria Ball's Scrapbook

FRAME X FRAME Mahmoods Fast Food

Matthew Robson's creative juices are expertly used in this lead out sequence for Yorkshire based fast food chain Mahmoods. WATCH IT.


John Paul Early's Kung Fu Monk is in beautiful motion, originally created as a self promotion piece.  WATCH IT.


Humour is never far from the surface with Bill Greenhead and his brilliant range of Hellebrities top trump cards.

Featuring 36 celebrities in a series of satrical poses from David Peck'em to Johnny Dedd, Mudonna to Leonardo De Capitated, the cards are available to buy here. Working alongside Shed Simove at Talent Shed he has also animated an advert which can be seen here.

Willie Ryan's Scrapbook

Illustrator Willie Ryan talks of his spectacular sea view, guitar collection & inspiring walks.
Willie Ryan's Scrapbook

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Home page animations

In an effort to spread the awareness of all our great animators, Nick has prepared 3 fun animations that educates viewers of our homepage about this amazing resource.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Alex Fuentes's Scrapbook

LA-based illustrator Alex Fuentes on how he finds creative inspiration in his children's zaniness.

Alex Fuentes's Scrapbook

The shell of our new offices

Work is beginning next week on our new abode. The idea is to be in by December and we will post the odd progress report here as the weeks go by.

This is our starting point, and hopefully the plan is to have us in a swish and purposeful home for the coming years.

Prepping for the Illustration move...

We're slowly emptying out cupboards, chests of drawers and bookshelves of 80 years worth of history as we prep to move to our new offices on the other side of Vauxhall!

It's always astonishing what one finds hidden in the depths of wardrobes, things long forgotten about; namely Gray Jolliffe's Wicked Willy Stress Toy.

The Wicked Willie Series can be found on Amazon to purchase.

We say goodbye to our plans chest which has housed much artwork over the years and also our illustrator portfolio shelves which have kept all the portfolios so well organised.

Watch this space for updates of the move!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This week's Stock Illustrations Newsletter



It's the Fruits of the Sea edition!

This week we have an assortment of fresh fish and crustaceans, from the catch of the day to beautifully illustrated crab and lobster.

Licenses from $20 per image.

If you're looking to commission a bespoke illustration, most of our illustrators will gladly undertake commissions. Please send us your brief.
MarketShopping  Catch of the DayFishing
CookFish supper    CrabFish
Next week's newsletter will be a weather edition!
Brilliant Illustrations, by Brilliant Illustrators.
Best wishes,                                        

Nina Goldberger