Thursday, February 28, 2013

Patronaat Bar

This rather gorgeous bar has been designed by the multi talented Eric Van Den Boom of BoomArtwork. The Dutch venue Patronaat in Haarlem asked Eric to design this drinker's heaven from scratch, so with rough dimensions, a brief that it should have a fairground/church theme and two weeks to come up with the goods, Eric began with sketches of the shape, details, lettering and decoration. He says "When I had the sketch ready I art-directed the 3D artist Jasper Hesseling to create a 3D digital model of it, giving the client a good image of how the venue should look. The builders constructed the bar from these 3D images, and they did an amazing job". We'd love to have a drink there (or two)!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Michel Cox's Scrapbook

Director of 2D & 3D studio 'Cox Design', Michel Cox on living & working in Rio de Janeiro. Michel Cox's Scrapbook.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Fantastical Birds

These two beauties are part of Vic Lee's  'Fantastical Birds' series.  They are limited edition screen prints  hand finished in Indian inks. See more of his work here.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Mathematics Reform

Harvard Graduate School of Education asked Ruth Rowland to contribute to their Winter issue of Ed. Magazine. The result is this series of illustrations for the cover, a double page spread and a half page illustration for an article about mathematics reform in the USA.
Ruth says "I enjoyed combining chalkboard with squared paper backgrounds, numerals and equations to illustrate the piece. The design team's simple but witty idea for the cover, a pseudo-math equation, was carefully rendered to read both as an equation and the subject of the article. Inside the magazine, I retained the simple colour palette to keep the more complex illustrations eye-catching and legible.

Friday, February 22, 2013

STOP PRESS: Vince Ray creates Hot Fender Design

Legendary Guitar Brand Fender commission 'underground' artist Vince Ray to design another limited edition acoustic.

'Non Stop Rock 'n' Roll Voodoo Action!'; a statement on the back of this Vince Ray Voodoo Bucket 300CE, and one that sums up Vince Ray in life and art. Not the first time Vince has worked with this world leading guitar manufacturer, providing designs for T-Shirts and merchandise in the past, but this offer of putting his artwork on a guitar was 'a dream come true'. Vince says "...They were very open minded about the subject matter and gave me a free hand in choosing the theme for the latest model. I've always been a fan of the old delta blues style and wanted to create a design that had that 'wrong side of the tracks' vibe. Inspiration came from all those old blues songs about selling your soul to the devil and dancing the hoochie coo in juke joints, all the good ol' stuff! I've often used the expression 'Rock & Roll Voodoo' as a descriptive subtitle and it seemed very appropriate in this instance". Vince has also put together a fun video with a Fender dreadnought using inspiration from 50's horror B movies.

IRS Calendar

Embracing a paper theme, Gail Armstrong was commissioned by the IRS in America to supply illustrations for their 2013 calendar. The calendar highlights key dates in the financial year and gives tips on completing accounts and tax forms, and as this was the last year of producing a paper version before switching over to digital forms, it seemed more than appropriate to ask a paper sculptress to come up with the goods! Gail says "...(the images) closely reflected the text of each month...(and) the tone throughout was reasonably lighthearted, yet authoratative, some of the images being created using tax forms, brown envelopes and ledger paper."

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Doodlers Anonymous

Photo taken from
Doodlers Anonymous invited Muxxi to participate in their Drawn Wallpaper project. The artworks are used as free downloadable wallpapers for any device, and with a recent launch, Muxxi was the first artist to be shown. Take a look.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fantasy Flight Games


Anthony J Foti has worked with Fantasy Flight Games for some time, and three of the Star Wars projects recently completed are now out. Star Wars: The Card Game is a strategy game for 2 players, with future expansions being released every couple of months, one of which shows Anthony's Darth Vader art on the cover. The other two products are part of the "Edge of the Empire" line of roleplaying game products, including a beginner set and a "Game Master's Kit". Must haves for any Star Wars fan!

Monday, February 18, 2013


Icon illustrator Willie Ryan creates 15 illustrations for the Geneva International Centre. Commissioned by Mark Evans at ACW, here we see four of the artworks which have been used on a poster for International Demining.