Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ruth Rowlands Maps

Ruth Rowland's beautiful calligraphy pieces are renowned all over the world, and she's recently started concentrating on illustrating more maps, which she is really enjoying!

Have a look at the colourful selection of maps below from Ruth!

Ruth Rowland's portfolio

Steinar Lund's Gothic Portfolio

Check out Steinar Lund's Gothic portfolio; packed with photo realistic vampires, demons and horror.

Steinar Lund's portfolio
Steinar Lund's Gothic portfolio

This Week's StockIllustrations Newsletter



This week it's the green issue as we focus on the Mother Nature's environment; we have inspirational images to help recycle, re-use and lower our carbon footprint!

If there's something else that you need, our illustrators will gladly take on commissions. Just send us your brief and let us know what you need!
CompostBike Battery  Tree
Melting LandfillEarth  
Glass  Recycle  Paper  Bottles  
World is in our hands
Next week's newsletter will be people!
Brilliant Illustrations, by Brilliant Illustrators.
Best wishes,

Nina Goldberger

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lee Montgomery's Scrapbook


Digital illustrator Lee Montgomery tells of his inspiration of collaborating with other creatives.

Lee Montgomery's Scrapbook
Lee Montgomery's Portfolio

Derek Bacon April Flair Winner

Congratulations go to Derek Bacon for winning the Creativematch April Flair competition with this amusing piece.  He says: "This is a personal piece called: The Beetroot Incident at Feltham Library. It illustrates one of my earliest memories! This was pieced together in Photoshop, lots of montaging lots of textures pasted into path-drawn shapes, and lots of dodging, burning and general colouring-in. With the composition itself I thought it would be interesting to try having all the action pushed to the pictures edge, with the middle area deliberately void of action."

The agency's artist's have also won March 2010 Flair and February2010 Flair . We're on a roll!

Derek Bacon's portfolio.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kensington Palace Gardens

Be sure to keep your eyes to the skies this summer when walking through the gardens of Kensington Palace so you don’t miss these astounding creations by Emma Rios.
This is another feather in the hat of creative mastermind Emma who designed these metal silhouetted archways throughout the Sunken Garden, where they will remain for 2 years. Encompassing some ideas and designs from a group of teenagers, the arches tell a story of the princesses who have lived within the palace walls. Emma was honoured to have her work as part of the show.

Miss Led's Scrapbook

Miss Led talks of her outstanding public art creations and the importance of bringing people together.

Miss Led's Scrapbook
Miss Led's Portfolio

Jean Paul Gaultier Fragrance

This comic book inspired artwork was created by Peter Thom as part of the latest campaign for Jean Paul Gaultier’s fragrance Le Male.

Peter’s stunning artwork sees the iconic bottle entering a comic book strip as a super Le Male, rescuing a beautiful blonde from the ravages of some nautical heavies. The artwork also involved rendering this collectable bottle of Le Male so that it could be used in a variety of point of sale formats.

Peter Thom's portfolio

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Yummy Chocolates

Let yourself sink into these gorgeous illustrations created by Ella Tjader for Irish handmade chocolate company Butlers.

Ella’s delicate and decorative style was perfectly suited to this brief which was to design packaging motifs for the seasons, Spring/Summer, which was released on Mother’s Day and the soon to be released Autumn.

Katharine Asher's Scrapbook

Inspired by all things natural from Samba to snake skin, Katharine Asher invites us into her prolific creative world.

Katharine Asher's Scrapbook
Katharine Asher's portfolio

Moustaches Galore

Getting a handle on moustaches this month is Vince Ray with these fantastic illustrations for a Men’s Fashion Special in the Style Supplement of The Sunday Times.

Vince was asked to take us through the fashions of moustaches with an entertaining take on the 70’s Porn Star, a Thirsty Eyebrow and The Front Row Fashionista. Which one would you be?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jungle Fever

Bringing the rainforest alive with these delightfully friendly illustrations is Anne Wilson’s latest children’s book entitled “We’re Roaming in the Rainforest: An Amazon Adventure”.

Illustrated for Barefoot Books the story introduces children to the wonderful creatures of the rainforest, starting at sun rise we follow the journey of three children through the forest and the creatures they encounter. The adventure doesn’t stop there with an abundance of additional easy to digest information at the back.

Patrick Boyer's Scrapbook

This week Patrick Boyer tells of his influences from living in New York and shares his creative world back in Canada.

Patrick Boyer's Scrapbook
Patrick Boyer's Portfolio

An Award for Jamel

This stunning illustration comes from the wonderfully talented artist Jamel Akib and is one of several spreads for the children’s book "Tan to Tamarind".

The book has already gained award winning status after being selected as the "Honor title in the Picture Book category of the Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association (APALA) - Literature Award". Jamel explains: "The book was a collection of poems on the theme of the colour brown. Celebrating the shades of skin colour in all shades and how the shades conjure up different memories".

Vincent Vigla's Scrapbook

Paris based illustrator Vincent Vigla tells of his artistic education in France & Germany.

Vincent Vigla's Scrapbook
Vincent Vigla's Portfolio

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Say Hello to Nina Hunter

Nina Hunter is the Creative Director and founder of LoveLife, design agency focusing on the female market, fashion and beauty industry.
Nina has graduated with a MA from The Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Poland.

Trained in traditional techniques such as etchings, figurative drawing and oil painting she has found creative fulfillment in contemporary illustrations.

Her strong illustrative style is very soft and feminine and altogether with the knack for beautiful graphic design she gained a great reputation amongst feminine markets, in fashion and beauty industry.

Nina likes working in mixed media from hand drawn sketches to purely computer generated illustrations.


  • Affair Lingerie
  • Coco rooms Dress Agency
  • Westrow Hairdressing
  • Remedy Hairdressing
  • The Leeds Guide
  • William Hill

Say Hello to Jason Hawkins

We warmly welcome Jason Hawkins to Illustration!

Jason began his adventure into the art world at Gadsden State Community College, where he majored in fine art. 
While refining his craft he attended and graduated from portfolio center in 2008 where he attained a degree in illustration. Originally from Alabama he currently resides in Atlanta, GA. 
This is where he has pursued his passion for children's books and character development.
Jason's traditional work is produced in oils, gouache, and digitally using Adobe illustrator and photoshop.


  • Jackson Fish Market
  • Bull moose Books
  • Pointe of View
  • Brown Bag Marketing
  • Georgia Tech Alumni Association
  • Design Influences
See Jason's full portfolio here 

Friday, May 14, 2010

Team Illustration prepare to send out the first installment of the Scrapbook Notebook!

We are currently preparing to send out Scrapbook Notebooks to 1,000 of our most influential UK creatives. It's a notebook which will have 3 issues per year, the first is due to go out next week.

It's aim is to inspire ideas and projects and the first edition will feature the scrapbooks of our following illustrators:

Paul Holland, see his portfolio and scrapbook 
Nadia Flower, see her portfolio and scrapbook 
Anne Wilson, see her portfolio and scrapbook 
Matthew Hollings, see his portfolio and scrapbook 
Emma Rios, see her portfolio and scrapbook 
Christopher Corr, see his portfolio and scrapbook 
Alan Baker, see his portfolio and scrapbook 
Britt Spencer, see his portfolio and scrapbook 
Nuno Da Costa, see his portfolio and scrapbook 
Sarah Beetson, see her portfolio and scrapbook 

All interviews by Victoria Pearce (Marketing & PR) and an article by Garrick Webster. Scrapbook Notebook cover design by Sarah Beetson

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This Week's StockIllustrations Newsletter



Our theme this week is all about summer! Holidays, sun-bathing, activities, camping and relaxing: inspiring images for the summer ahead!

If there's something else that you need, our illustrators will gladly take on commissions. Just send us your brief and let us know what you'd like! 
Ice-Cream Beach Bikini Sunbathing 
School's Out  Jump SeaSwimming
Walk BeachScene Beach
Next week's theme will be famous icons!
Brilliant Illustrations, by Brilliant Illustrators.
Best wishes,

Nina Goldberger

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