Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Plot 52

Greg Becker has now been a full time illustrator for over 20 years since leaving the RCA. Whilst this fact may make him feel old (!), he has built up a huge body of artworks both as an Illustrator and Painter for many and varied clients. Probably best known for the children’s books he’s illustrated, Greg has now written his own book; an illustrated diary of life on his allotment. Greg says about the project; ‘PLOT 52 is a gently humorous and slightly quirky record of events and encounters taking place on my allotment, mainly concerning the difficulties of growing your own veg, fighting against the forces of nature and dealing with tools with a mind of their own.’ The project is still in motion but is sure to find a publisher soon. Greg’s colourful crayon illustrations will make it a great gift book.

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  1. For anyone interested in allotment diaries and illustration, I have started a 2011 blog version of Plot 52, which also includes an archive of previous diary entries, please visit:-