Monday, September 30, 2013

London Panorama



Take a look at Mike Hall's spectacular London Panorama print design. 
This was a self-initiated project for Mike, and one which he worked on over a six month period. He says "I've had the ambition to create a large scale panorama in the style of 17th century prints for a while. The original artwork was drawn freehand with pen on Bristol Board, and measures 105 x 30 cm". The drawing, which is based on photographs taken from the view from The Shard has been exhibited at the Printspace on Kingsland Road in London.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Price per KWh


Commissioned by Haas Taguiri of Which? Gail Armstrong uses her paper skills for their current campaign on energy prices.
The image, which is used across all the relevant pages on their website and in the Which? magazine tackles the current confusion over the price of Gas and Electricity. Gail says "The gas hob doubles as a target device, whilst the surrounding flames incorporate lightbulbs, to cover both types of energy. I used concentric circles on the background to create added depth and give the illusion of heat energy radiating from the target hob. The colour palette was chosen to compliment the existing page design."

Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Cambridge Companion

John Holder creates many beautiful drawings for 'An Armchair Traveller's History of Cambridge'.
Living and working in the city itself whilst being one of the best contemporary reportage illustrators, makes John the perfect artist for this job. Full with on the spot drawings, this book, written by Richard Tames is out now and follows the launch of John Holder's celebration of mark making; G.O.D. - Good Old Drawing at the Cartoon Museum in London and in Cambridge.

Have you seen our new website?

After months of redesigning and thinking of how we can help you make your selection better, we are very excited to launch our new website.

A sharpened design so you can fly around many of the worlds' finest illustrators and then, when some work catches your eye, dive straight into their artwork in hi res, downloading portfolios, making collections, sending them to colleagues and tracking past jobs.

MyIllustration becomes YOUR website

It becomes YOUR website at MyIllustration, so please sign up. (btw, if you struggled with registering before fear not, we have learned our lesson and now it works properly).

There is more information on the artists and their work, including many video interviews. And we, their privileged agents, reveal all (well some) on the Meet The Team page.

Don't miss the testimonials that have had us all blushing, sent in by clients and artists alike.

There are other new handy features that will reveal themselves to you after a quick poke around, and we'd love to highlight a page that explains how every single one of our clients helps us to plant 1 Million Trees over the next 5 years.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ocean's Halo

Andrew Hutchinson completes a packaging illustration for Ocean's Halo Seaweed Chips.
Promoted as a new healthy snack for the American market, Andrew was able to enjoy the commission even more; as once he had completed the illustration of the chip and final artwork had been approved, the reference could be eaten!

Judith Van Den Hoek's Scrapbook

An insight into illustrator & Dutch Vogue blogger Judith Van Den Hoek's creative life in Gouda, The Netherlands. See Judith's Scrapbook.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Arturo Ui

Steinar Lund works with Feast Creative to produce this illustration for the play The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui showing in London now.
After a receiving a photo of the actor Henry Goodman, Steinar set to work creating the body and cat. He says "The actual costume was sent down from Angels The Costumiers which I then modelled myself and photographer Robert Dixon took the reference shots. Robert has a nice big cat that fitted the brief, but alas he was not happy with me holding the end I used many different references to create the final 'digital' cat".

Friday, September 20, 2013

Wonderhill Market

This flyer design for Wonderhill Market's September events has been created by the brilliant Vicky Scott. Held in Tooting, the market embraces a hand made and vintage theme, echoed in her illustration.
And if you wanted to see more of Vicky's art as well as this piece, pop along to Royal Teas in Greenwich where she is exhibiting until the beginning of October. She says "I'll be showing lots of Autumnal feeling pictures and the cafe does fantastic cakes!".

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Maxus Mural

Chrissy posing with the final mural


Commissioned by media agency Maxus Australia, Chrissy Lau creates a unique mural in their kitchen and dining area.
The brief was to visually translate the agency's positioning of 'Lean into Change', so after receiving everyone's ideas, Chrissy focussed on the key words of innovation, digital, change, future, vibrancy and organic growth.

She says of the end result "On one wall is Einstein's quote "The measure of intelligence is the ability to change" with the word 'change' repeated in different styles of font. On the larger wall is a futuristic rocketman leaning into change - I've made him quite playful with a propeller on his head to represent the agency's personality as they all have a good sense of humour."

And the mural has pleased the team at Maxus,  CEO Jonathan Chadwick says of the piece:

".... Chrissy created a brilliant image that we feel perfectly encapsulates the agency culture (first take). As the Mural was being developed the agency became more and more excited about the meticulous detail of the unravelling design. After a few days our mural was finally revealed and the decision was unanimous – a masterpiece had been created. Thanks for a brilliant job Chrissy, we love your work!"

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sweet Juice

Publicis Dublin have commissioned character designers Juice to work on a campaign for The Natural Confectionary Company.
Working to a relatively simple concept, Art Director Austin Richards asked Juice to design animal characters showing how you can mix and match the jellies. Each jelly is a different animal, and by mixing them you are treated to varied combinations - both in the look of the animal and the taste. "With a little imagination, children can create all sorts of different animals, each one as fun as the last".