Monday, January 31, 2011

Modern Men

The evolution of man is given a thoroughly modern twist with Max Gregor’s stylish illustration.  This fantastic editorial image is to be found within the February pages of Company Magazine where it is illustrating an article called "Modern Men A User’s Guide".

Friday, January 28, 2011

Louis The Tiger Who Came From The Sea

This sensational image is just a taste of the many from Sholto Walker’s latest children’s book “Louis The Tiger Who Came From The Sea”. Published soon, Sholto worked very closely with Canada/US based publishers Annick Press on the 28 artworks. They were very clear about the Tiger character they wanted, Sholto says: "…he went through many versions! They've since let me know how very happy they are with the result." More about the book.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

January Flair Winner BOOMARTWORK

Congratulations Eric Van Den Boom of BoomArtwork. He has won Creativematch's January Flair Competition with a superb image originally done for Ray Ban. A prize truely deserved, Eric now awaits an Apple ipod plus much exposure on the Creativematch site.

Thomas Sabo Diary

As resident illustrator for Thomas Sabo, Jacqueline Bissett continues to wow us all with her simply beautiful illustrations. Her latest images currently grace the jewellers website and can also be found within the pages of the Thomas Sabo Diary, a promotional giveaway to clients. She says: "I'm enjoying my second year of working for them, they keep me busy all year round! As soon as I've finished the 2011 catologue, I'll be working on a new (secret) project to celebrate their 5th Birthday for Charm Club!"

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Montana Forbes's Scrapbook

American artist Montana Forbes tells of the her love of living in London & the unique inspiration she finds in this city. Montana Forbes's Scrapbook.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Pumpkin Planet

Greg Becker has illustrated this visually stunning book "Pumpkin Planet", not only that, he can add another feather to his cap as he is also the author! "Pumpkin Planet" is a beautifully told story about a planet where everything is made entirely of pumpkins, and living on it are the Pumpkin People, who help a troubled planet Earth reconnect with nature. He has created a blog which is intended to chart the development of the book and attract feedback from as many directions as possible

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Le Monde

Some people have all the luck! In this case, it’s the residents of France who are able to feast their eyes upon Richard Phipps’s weekly offerings for Le Monde Magazine. Commissioned by Art Director Cecile Coutureau, this commanding image is just one of the portraits he delivers on a weekly basis. Tackling news and current events, Le Monde's timescale means he has a very short deadline in which to create his wonderful illustrations, a real achievement!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sholto Walker's Scrapbook

Bicycle enthusiast Sholto Walker talks of wheel building, Otto Dix and medieval England.Sholto Walker's Scrapbook.

Number 1 Press Campaign in the World

Gail Armstrong's award winning campaign created with JWT London for Kimberly Clark has won yet another award, and one which is truly the icing on the cake. Achieiving the title of Number 1 Press Campaign in the World for 2010 is something to shout about, well done Gail! Have a look at The Big Won Report for more info.

Top 10 Press campaigns in the world 2010
Campaign Agency Points
1. Yes/No campaign – Kimberly Clark JWT London 46
2. Billboard Magazine campaign AlmapBBDO Sao Paulo 41
3. Living Room/Campaign - Sima Foods Elephant Cairo 30
4. Screams campaign – Strepsils EuroRSCG Spain 28
5. Vespa campaign Ace Saatchi Philippines 26
6. Great Emotions – Zürich Orchestra Euro RSCG Zürich 25
7= Everywhere URL Y&R Johannesburg 20
7= Melting campaign – Perrier Ogilvy Paris 20
9= Cause & Effect campaign – Harvey Nicholls Team/Y&R Dubai 19
9= Aircraft, Baby, Prisma – Rolling Stone Ogilvy Frankfurt 19
9= Gun, Palms, Mask – Tribune Juniper Park Toronto 19

Friday, January 14, 2011

Walsom Exhibition

This atmospheric painting is fresh from the fingertips of the extremely talented John Walsom. John currently has his paintings on exhibition at Portland, The Gallery 80 Hill Rise Richmond TW10 6UB. For a chance to indulge yourself in more of John’s vivid artworks get yourself to the exhibition before the 31st January. The gallery, in the heart of Richmond is concentrating on paintings of the surrounding area, John being one of 13 exhibitors.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Petition to support Pro-Action’s campaigning work

Petition to support Pro-Action’s campaigning work
The Pro-Action group is tackling unfavourable contracts and bad contract practice, such as the issuing of retrospective contracts, from visual arts commissioners, and the support of the visual arts industry adds weight to our campaigning work.

The Association of Photographers and Professional Cartoonists Organisation joined the Association of Illustrators and the Society of Artists Agents in the Pro-Action group in 2010, substantially increasing the number of visual artists Pro-Action represents. Help us challenge bad practice and sign the petition at
Our most recent contact has been with the Bauer Media group who publish many magazines, including Grazia, Take A Break, FHM, Heat, Empire, Q, Spirit and Destiny. You can see the points we raised with them over their Commission Agreement under Our Works on the Pro-Action website.

If you have any questions regarding Pro-Action, please ask your agent or contact Derek Brazell at or 020 7324 7221

Tiger Woods

This powerful portrait of sport’s legend Tiger Woods is the handiwork of illustrator Robert Carter.
Commissioned for the LA Times the article takes a look at Tiger Woods on the anniversary of his famous episode last year which started his rapid decline both on and off the course. Robert's capture of emotion is sensational.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dennis Juan Ma's Scrapbook

Chinese born illustrator Dennis Juan Ma tells of his education in New Zealand and sharing a studio in Auckland. Dennis Juan Ma's Scrapbook

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Daria Works For Tesco

December sees a wealth of Christmassy illustrations, it is said that decorations should be down by the end of today, so lets squeeze this one in by Daria Jabenko, done last month for Tesco Magazine. The project was called "Make it Magical!" -  a 9 page long Christmas guide.

Nuno in Vogue

Last month saw Nuno Da Costa's glam debut in Vogue Magazine.  He says: " was a real dream come true. It's my first commission for Vogue, I am over the moon!..." Let's hope we see more of Nuno's work on Vogue's pages soon.