Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wired Brand Live Portraits

The extremely gifted Miss Led was invited by Wired Brand to produce some live portraits at an event recently. As an artist used to working under pressure, Miss Led has produced some brilliant drawings. She says: "After seeing the work I had created at the live portraiture event with Ted Baker earlier on this year Wired Brand invited me as guest artist to attend a Christmas supper event at The Cube this December. The challenge – as there is always a challenge – was to create portraits of each dinner guest before they had finished dinner.  That gave me approximately 15 minutes for each drawing".  Miss Led had a great night and had quite a nice view for the evening too!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Art Of Winning Awards

BoomArtwork was featured in Computer Arts recently and the issue is now online. If you'd like to read about BoomArtwork's Dieline Award for his DrNo Effects designs go here .

Monday, December 17, 2012

Festive Pointillism

Bill Greenhead has been having some festive fun with his whiteboard. Father Christmas comes alive with Bill's series of dots! See the video

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Art Deco Jewels

Created for The Telegraph's jewellery section, Nuno Da Costa draws this Art Deco girl with earrings by Van Cleef and Arpels. Exquisite!

Christmas comes to Country Life

Commissioned by Country Life Magazine, John Holder uses his classic pen and humour style to produce this artwork on a Christmas party theme.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

St John's College

Liam O'Farrell has put his brushes to paper and created this wonderful watercolour for a fellow of St John's College Cambridge.

Liam says " The college was founded in 1511 and its statutes are specified as ‘The promotion of education, religion, learning and research’ and it has to be said they have done rather well as it's alumni boasts nine Nobel Prize winners, six Prime Ministers, three archbishops, at least two princes, and three Saints!
I chose to paint the Great Gate which is adorned with the arms of the foundress Lady Margaret Beaufort. The odd creatures are yales, mythical beasts with elephants' tails, antelopes' bodies, goats' heads, and swivelling horns.
Above them is a figure of St John the Evangelist with an Eagle at his feet and symbolic, poisoned chalice in his hands. Why he carries a poison chalice god only knows, it seems a rather negative idea to me and would never get past a focus group.
Anyway, despite delicious architecture Cambridge to me is all about the people and most of them are on bikes as the students are banned from owning cars. I took the opportunity to add as many cyclists as the space would allow."

The client was immensely pleased, and so is Liam!

New Look for December

Appearing on the front of tote bags and for sale at the New Look UK stores is this stylish illustration from Montana Forbes. She says "I was approached to create an illustration for the New Look store's Bond street re-launch, on 1st December 2012 in London.... It was fantastic working with their Christmas season collection and being allowed such wide creative freedom."

Monday, December 10, 2012

Rathke in Waitrose

Kathryn Rathke's artwork can be found in the current Waitrose Magazine. Commissioned by Oliver Smee Kathryn says "(It's)..a lovely publication full of recipes and ideas for foodies (like me!). These accompany a re-telling of a Grimm's fairy tale by Phillip Pullman, which features a good-hearted, over-trusting mouse, a salivating cat, and a small pot of fat. I am sad to say, two of those three subjects do not survive to the end of the story!"

Blow for GOSH

Great Ormond Street Hospital held an event back in October of  "information, inspiration and celebration around the theme of 'Bringing Research to Life'" . And Gail Armstrong was chosen by agency Radley Yeldar to participate in illustrating one of 26 large flash cards representing an A-Z of different research stories.  Gail's card was for the letter C: Cystic Fybrosis, she says "I wanted it to be a fun image, so kept everything bright and cheerful and took inspiration from Lichtenstein for the type. The event was a huge success and the client very enthusiastic in their praise of the agency and artists." Gail's image successfully illustrates the ten pin bowling simulation when a patient blows into a machine, certainly creating the play factor with hospital treatment!

GOSH say of the commission: 
“Radley Yeldar have been a dream company to work with.  The brief we gave them was no easy task: to bring to life a portfolio of medical research stretching back through several decades of Great Ormond Street Hospital’s history, in a way that was visually arresting but didn’t scream “science”.  We really threw the book at them, but they grasped tricky concepts quickly and dealt with them sensitively, working closely with us at every stage of an intensely creative process.
The end product – an A to Z of some of our most impressive research achievements – delicately balanced strong and emotive narrative alongside genuinely arresting (and intriguing!) visual concepts.  The life-sized flashcards they produced were the talk of our flagship Bringing Research to Life event.  Each one delivered a simple but powerful story, with the full 26 working together beautifully to reinforce our core message: that research changes children’s lives.  They’ve given us a whole new language with which to speak about the vital work we’re funding.  We’re incredibly grateful for their support.”

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thomas Sabo Diary 2013

Jacqueline Bissett completes another gorgeous diary for Thomas Sabo Charm Club. Working closely with Ingeborg Schindler at AHD (Offenbach) who designed the layouts, Jacqueline drew herself silly with this job! Having illustrated the diaries before, she feels quite at home with the client. Jacqueline says "I love doing this job, it's so great to be able to improve what you've done before and to put 'Luzy' in new situations, it's always fun to start sketching, I draw literally hundreds of pages of figures before the final ones are chosen"

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Shepherd East Conference Video

Matthew Robson has completed a fully animated conference video for Shepherd East.

Produced for Matthew animated seven separate characters for a 2 minute short "(it was) a testament to how far technology has moved forward over recent years." say Matthew.

Each of the characters (apart from Bruce Forsyth) are members of the Shepherd team, with the use of many 'in jokes' and personal catch phrases, the video "got a rapturous applause when shown at the conference." Matthew says of the production "Technically, it was using some new custom modified animation software that allowed me to dial in a much more nuanced performance for each character. Add to that the fact that style wise I’m moving away from black keylines in favour of coloured ones, and towards simpler, light and colour focused backgrounds with no keyline at all, all go to make it one of the jobs I’ve had the most fun with this year." See the animation.