Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Milk X

Lucia Emanuela Curzi appears in Milk X Magazine.
A monthly print magazine, published in Hong Kong and Taiwan and 'dedicated to providing the most up to date news on international Fashion, Lifestyle, Design and Art', Lucia was interviewed about her work and included in the 'Everyone has a Kid Hiding Inside' feature. The issue is out now....

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Work in progress for the opening night of 'Drawn'

Drawn invite

Miss Led is delighted to be taking part in 'Drawn' at the Printspace Gallery in August. In good company with talents such as Alan Coulson, Claire Scully and Holly Sharpe, Miss Led will also be performing live art on the opening night this Thursday. Here we see a piece she is currently preparing for the event aswell as the invite for the exhibition. The show continues until August 23rd at The Printspace Gallery, 74 Kingsland Road, London E2.

Mail Me Art

Vicky Scott's nature inspired female has been included in the Mail Me Art book and exhibition. Artists were invited to create a design on an envelope and to pop it in the post. Vicky says " All those that arrived safely have been included in the exhibition and the original envelope artworks will be on sale to the public with all proceeds going to charity." A great idea!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Illustrator's Notebook

Christopher Corr is featured in the Summer 2013 edition of Illustration Magazine talking of the importance of his sketchbooks.  As an artist whose work is so influenced by all around him, the sketchbook remains an integral part of his illustration process.

Christopher says in the article "I’ve been using sketchbooks since I was an art student. I keep some for working out ideas for projects and I use others purely for making location drawings and paintings and observations. I don’t mix them up.
A sketchbook is so personal: I write down conversations I overhear, graffiti I see and like, headlines from newspapers I notice as I’m drawing, in fact anything that strikes me as important or noteworthy when I’m out and about. On location I’m selective about what I include in my picture making. I am not a camera and so I draw the things I like or dislike, anything I can use later on to recreate that scene.
I work in books of all sizes, some very tiny and others huge. On a trip to China I bought some concertina-type sketchbooks and I used these to paint long panoramic scenes. I bought some beautiful books in India that I’ve used as sketchbooks, red and quilted-cloth covered, tied up with a string. They are made for debt and rent collectors so they can raise eyebrows when you take one from your bag.
You can do whatever you like in a sketchbook. You have total freedom. You make the rules. You can experiment and try out new ideas and work with new and different materials.
I always carry at least one sketchbook in my bag or pocket. They are so useful when you have time on your hands or when you see something remarkable. Artists have been using them for hundreds of years and I like that sense of continuity. It’s an unconscious record  of your thoughts and feelings.
I moved recently into the City of London and I have been drawing my new neighbourhood in a big black book. I want big paper to note down the new skyline and tall structures around me. Skyscrapers need space to be seen.


Commissioned by Flourish Agency in the US, Andy Council completes this poster for Cleveland State University.
The design is one of a series based around the word 'Engage'; with a student and the project they are working on featured in the artwork. Andy's illustrates a type of wind turbine currently in development.

Friday, July 26, 2013


Christopher Corr's vibrant painterly illustrations make 'Loving' by Henry Green a must for the book shelf. Published by The Folio Society, the story is set in Ireland during World War II and describes 'life above and below the stairs in Kinalty Castle'. Bound in cloth, the cover also adorns a design by Christopher; a book that's a treat for the mind and the eyes!

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Hanging outside Ilfracombe Museum

Hannah Davies completes a beautiful artwork for Ilfra-Expo.

Asked to create a large scale mural to be displayed in a temporary location across Ilfracombe, Hannah was thrilled to hear of the opportunity.
Talking of the commission which was in collaboration with fellow artist Lianne Harrison, she says "We were in awe of the Georgian and Victorian houses that line the harbour and are so prominent in this town. We were captured by the fishing boats and the history of the industry . Our aim is to bring this history to life using vibrant colours, shapes and textures to create a wonderful, inspiring collaboration to sit outside the local museum.’
Showing until August 4th, the artwork can now be seen on the outside wall of Ilfracombe Museum in North Devon alongside Lianne's piece.

From the Ilfra-Expo organisers:
"From July 14th to August 4th 2013 the seaside town of Ilfracombe will be hosting a range of contemporary artworks, projects and events. Ilfra-Expo will unfold through a series of guided tours and artist talks that will accompany an exhibition of artworks creating a trail of discovery around the historically rich town.

Ilfra-Expo will be presenting artworks in diverse locations, including unused shops and public spaces, as well as the town’s museums, heritage sites and other places important to the local community.

The selected artist’s for Ilfra-Expo 2013 are exhibiting existing artworks as well as developing new artworks inspired by the town. Project Manager Erin Rickard has been working closely with the artists, volunteers and community to develop an intimate artistically led experience for visitors to Ilfracombe and Ilfra-Expo. This promises to be an imaginative exhibition that will inspire public interest in both the town’s heritage and in young British artists."

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Best Fashion Illustrators

Last weekend's edition of Smoda featured an interview with top fashion illustrator Montana Forbes.
She was asked to contribute to an article on 'The Best Fashion Illustrators' by Leticia García; a journalist for Smoda (a popular fashion magazine from the Spanish newspaper El País).
Talking of a subject she knows much about, Montana's interview was illustrated with three artworks, including this one - originally done for an upcoming accessories brand called SANTAL36.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wendy's Hidden Message

Kathryn Rathke enlightens us on the talk recently of a hidden message in the Wendy's logo.
The Huffington Post observed that the word 'Mom' was written in the collar of the girl in the new Wendy's logo, which Kathryn created with the team at Tesser agency. She says "Although it was not indeed intentional, my mother noticed and remarked on it, way back at the unveiling last fall,.....when she pointed it out to me, I did let her think that I did it just for her."

The word 'Mom' can be seen clearer here

Monday, July 22, 2013

Pacific Energy

Peter Kyprianou works with Draftfcb San Francisco to create 17 icons for Pacific Gas & Electric, a large US energy supplier. Focusing on the safety issues with gas and electricity, the pictograms with their clear informative style have been used on leaflets, animated banners, billboards and online. Jayson Ertelt of Draftfcb said of the Peter’s work “'Peter is an excellent illustrator, and was able to take our ideas from concepts to final iconography quickly and effectively.'