Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hidden Wonder

Appearing in the December issue of Guidepost US, Hannah Davies has made this illustration for an article about a near death experience. Hannah's colourful and happy style is uplifting, she says "I had great fun with this commission. Fantastic to create. I am currently undertaking a new commission for Guidepost..."

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Lufthansa Mural

Chris Ede
Chris Ede

Miss Led
Miss Led

Ben Tallon

Working with Wunderman in Germany for Lufthansa, several of our artists have contributed to an amazing mural exhibited in Berlin. Chris Ede, Ben Tallon and Miss Led along with others illustrated the "Zukunft-Berlin-campaign", "Sieh doch, was Du willst". Each piece from the individual artist has been combined to create a massive mural in a giant public space in Berlin.

Trees For London Mural

Miss Led has opened up her creative process somewhat recently. Working with 'Noise of Art' for 'Trees for London' at their annual event in Battersea Park, she created a 10m interactive mural focusing on children's participation. Miss Led worked in her studio to draw the lines on this mammoth canvas, which focuses on cultural diversity, then the mural was laid like a huge colouring book on the grass, for others to decorate and have fun with. Watch the video.

Zero Woman

Danny Allison's DVD Cover for Germany's repacked version of "Zero Woman" sees him experimenting with a new style. The film, which is an 'ultra-violent kill bill style 60's cult movie', is being re-introduced to the German audience.
Danny is a versatile illustrator and has recently been experimenting with this new cut out style on commissioned work to see what clients think. He says: "This technique is hands on, cutting out by hand the shapes within the existing 2D illustration. Then, suspended by pins, it is lit from various angles then the shadows are photographed. It's been great so far using this technique to solidify concepts within the illustration. Roll on 2012 and watch this space for progression of this style."

Laurence Cleyet-Merle's Scrapbook

Marseille based Children's Illustrator, Laurence Cleyet-Merle finds inspiration from the students she teaches. Laurence's Scrapbook.

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Knits Before Christmas

Twas The Knits Before Christmas

Noah's Knits

Alan Baker has done himself proud with another two animation promos for Ivy Press. 'Twas The Knits Before Christmas' and 'Noah's Knits' are the latest knitted creations to come from the amazing Fiona Goble, and Alan has used her woolly characters to advertise the books, which celebrate both Clement Clarke Moore's evocative 1822 poem and the well known biblical story.  Watch 'Twas The Knits Before Christmas'. Watch 'Noah's Knits' (German version).

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Romantically Yours

Having worked on the latest release from Cliff Richard this summer, Ruth Rowland was pleased to be asked to work for another British icon - Twiggy. Released by EMI, Twiggy's brand new album Romantically Yours marks a return to her music career with a collection of her hand-picked favourites. Ruth was asked to work on the artist's name for the CD cover and started by taking her signature as the original reference. Using a dip ink pen that was sympathetic to the line quality and flow of the signature, Ruth says "I fine tuned the letter forms and opened up the letter spacing to maximise legibility while trying to keep the spontaneity and character of the original."