Wednesday, August 31, 2011

FRAME X FRAME Phillips Drive Systems

Ian Naylor produces an outstanding animation for Phillips Drive Systems showing how the Phillips Screw Company can tighten up the world. WATCH IT NOW.

Shannon Toth's Scrapbook

Illustrator Shannon Toth draws inspiration from the romantic charm of 1920's Movies and the Circus. Shannon Toth's Scrapbook.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

AOI Images Robot

T.S. Spookytooth is a very contented illustrator right now, his robot illustration was entered into and selected for the AOI Images 35 competition. The exhibition for the competition ran from 26th August to 2nd September where Spookytooth's creation hung proudly, it is also the chosen image to promote next year's Images 36 competition. He says "That makes for one happy Robot!". AOI Images.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hannah Megee's Scrapbook

Devon based illustrator Hannah Megee has recently had her first children's book published "The Sea Swallow" written by Gareth Thompson.  Hannah Megee's Scrapbook.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Delta Airways

Ruth Rowland's classy letters cover the pages of Delta Airways Sky Magazine. She was asked  to produce some hand lettered titles and a map of Paris for their stylish article about contemporary French culture. Ruth says: "This casual, edgy style of lettering was developed using a marker pen and runs throughout the article as subheadings, highlighting the work and opinions of an eclectic mix of influential French celebrities. The map of Paris has a deliberately simple, casual style, reflecting it's subject - the bohemian Left Bank and the new areas now populated by artistes and academics in the working-class districts of the city's East End."

Worst Case

Kathryn Rathke's wonderful drawings are making a mighty appearance in the new James Patterson book, Worst Case. Kathryn was asked to conjure up the lead character's 10 adopted children. She says: "It was a hoot: I was given only ages and ethnicities, with maybe two words of description for each. Despite the meagre descriptions, I tried to instil them with a lot of character. I can't even fathom the idea of millions of fans contemplating these characters, whom they have tried to imagine all of these years; it's a huge responsibility!"

Aliens. An Owner's Guide

Mark Oliver's new book  "Aliens. An Owners' Guide" is in shops now.  Already on the shortlist for "Stockport School's book award", Mark's latest is the follow up to "Monsters. An owner's guide",  which was long listed for the Greenaway medal . With outrageously imaginative illustrations and written by Jonathan Emmett, the book is a must for all alien owners!

We Welcome Wesson

This month we introduce Laura Wesson's elegant images. Influenced by clothes and the female form, Laura loves fashion, beauty and glamour. A Brit currently living in Australia, Laura's mixed media drawings are full of texture and inviting expression, this image was featured in this quarters edition of Remix Magazine, New Zealand's no.1 glossy fashion mag.

Penny and The Dragon

 Keith Robinson's second book on the adventures of Penny the Postie is out now.
 'Penny and the Dragon'  finds Penny on the trail of a dragon that has been wreaking havoc through the enchanted forest. Created for Guernsey Post, Keith has also illustrated a special souvenir set of forest-themed stamps, included free with the book.  Keith says "The stamps are woven into the story, but they are also issued separately in commemoration that  2011 has been declared International Year of Forests by the U.N."  More information on the book here.

Aretha Franklin

BoomArtwork was asked to create a portrait of Aretha Franklin for the Xerox Rochester NY International Jazz Festival which took place in June. The portrait was used in brochures and posters around the event and also for a book which Xerox, the sponsors, gave away as part of a competition. Festival-goers were also invited to complete the book by collecting printed materials from around the event for a chance to win a prize. BoomArtwork says "I created a design in an artistic style which taps into the classic look of the jazz genre and conveys Aretha's longevity and sophistication."

Synctracks Album Covers

Chris Ede has completed a challenging project creating 40, yes 40 album covers for production music library Synctracks. Commissioned by Liz Williams, this was a huge project for Chris and has shown his amazing versatility in having to create a different style for each album.

Daria Jabenko's Scrapbook

Montreal based illustrator Daria Jabenko on her love of Jazz, the artist Erte & completing illustrations on the theme of love & romance. Daria Jabenko's Scrapbook.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Burlington Paintings

John Walsom is very excited about a new venture with Burlington Paintings who are now showing some of his rich creations at their gallery in Burlington Gardens, Mayfair, London. John Says: "They're featuring my views of London, which have already started selling, so I'm hoping it'll be a long and successful relationship."

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Emily Carew Woodard's Scrapbook

Illustrator Emily Carew Woodard on designing for Alexander McQueen & her love of fables, collecting Punch annuals & feathers. Emily Carew Woodard's Scrapbook.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Laura Wesson's Scrapbook

Illustrator Laura Wesson uses her wall as a visually inspiring Scrapbook of creative delights. Laura Wesson's Scrapbook.