Monday, April 30, 2012

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition Hopeful

Liam O'Farrell is excited about the possibility of a fourth piece of his art being selected for the very popular Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2012.  Artists and Illustrators Magazine have featured him as a 'Summer Hopeful' in a recent article where Liam says "I've applied three times and I've got in three times, but that doesn't mean anything - your odds start at zero every time". We wish him lots of luck! Flick through the magazine here.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Rosie's Upcoming Exhibitions

 If you'd like to see some of Rosie Sanders's masterpieces, she has the following events coming up, two great opportunities to see one of the finest botanical artist's paintings up close. Firstly Rosie will be at the Chelsea Flower Show 2012, stand EA/116 running from May 22nd - 26th. Then a solo exhibition at Jonathan Cooper, Park Walk Gallery opening 8th June 2012.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

All About Alan Baker

Skillism, a US publisher has put together a book of Alan Baker's illustration work, an image rich tribute to Alan with his wealth of experience in the field. Alan says "A dream job really. I was asked to select/produce 40 pieces of work that I felt represented what I do as an illustrator." See the book.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Scrapbook Notebook 5

We are very excited by the arrival of issue 5 in our Scrapbook notebook series.  The cover art is by Ian Murray.  A great article by Garrick Webster on four of our illustrators inspired by Victorian artists and thanks to Geoff Cox and Rohan Eason  for permission to reproduce an extract from "Anna and the Juniper Dog".

Andy Council's Scrapbook

If Bristol based illustrator & street artist Andy Council won the lottery, he'd save the crumbling Victorian building housing his studio. Andy Council's Scrapbook.

GOSH Monsters

New illustrator with us Duncan Beedie, has been having fun with this charity project for Great Ormond Street Hospital. Primary school children and patients at the hospital were asked to design some monsters which were then given to professional illustrators to develop. Duncan was asked to redraw a monster called 'Squiggle Butt' seen here, which was originally created by children at Normond Croft Primary School. The whole project has been turned into a fantastic book led by the project's curator, Clark Beecroft. It is due out on May 14th and will raise money for Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital. More information at the GOSH Monsters Book website.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Edding Featured Artist

Miss Led was chosen and shot as Edding featured artist last month and placed on the back cover of  the popular Street Art Magazine; VNA. Miss Led quite rightly was chuffed!


Feeling the sun shine on her is Daria Jabenko who has created this warm piece for Accent Magazine. Daria's latest prestigious job for Hamilton Jewelers is their 100 year anniversary magazine cover.

Monday, April 23, 2012

March Flair Winner

Well done Robert Carter! He wins the Creativematch March Flair Competition for illustration with this image. "Drowning In Debt" is a digitally painted illustration for a German magazine called Manager, It's about the debt crisis and how to get rid of it ('Schulden' is the German for 'Debt')'.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Joseph McDermott has been working with Ogilvy Paris on some ads for Perrier and commissioned to complete 3 images in his 1960's pop art style. Joe says "For the overall look, they wanted it to have the appearance of an image on paper that had been greatly enlarged/zoomed in, so the line work had to be a bit fuzzy. For color, they wanted solid colors with a paper texture." With the speech bubble translating to "Oh A Perrier with thin bubbles !", Joe's style gives the posters a fresh, clean impact, very suited to the brand.

Music Tribes

Commissioned for a set of 10 characters, Jonathan Allardyce has come up trumps with these amusingly believable figures for Q Magazine. Music Tribes, an article written by Rebecca Nicholson of the Guardian, gives us an accurate insight to several types of character based on their musical taste. Jonathan has used his great understanding of people to illustrate these types, he says "...the text is laugh-out-loud accurate and a joy to work with so I was determined to do a good job..." Here we have clockwise from top left; Mod Dad, Bro-Stepper, Earnest Pitchforker and Little Monster.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Allude Scarves

These very attractive scarves are the result of a collaboration between Rohan Eason and the couture label Allude Cashmere. German designer Anita Hass suggested the collaboration which gave Rohan the chance to work on 4 splendid designs. The scarves now appear on the Anita Hass website, with a couple sold out already!

Ward Nipper's Scrapbook

If Chicago based Ward Nipper was not an illustrator, he'd like to turn his stylish eye & design skills to car design. Ward Nipper's scrapbook.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Montana Forbes has created this Celine inspired piece for the Sunday Times STYLE magazine supplement. After having a 3 year break from illustrating for the magazine, Montana is happy to be back. She says "I create a different illustration each week based on the new fashion column called ‘Secrets Of A Shopaholic’, featured on page 9 of the magazine." The artwork is commissioned by the art director, Linda Burrows.

The Steam Age

This cool image is the work of Hannah Davies for the cover of Amazing and Extraordinary Facts; The Steam Age published by David and Charles. Written by Julian Holland the illustration took Hannah along a slightly different path with her work, she says "This was a fantastic project, very unusual and fun. A chance to delve into something completely different!" The book is out now.

Monday, April 16, 2012

9 Of Clubs for 52Aces

Madamesange aka Helen Lang has her very own 9 of clubs in this fantastic pack of cards. "52Aces is a card deck consisting of 52 extremely different cards. Each of these cards is individually designed by a number of international designers and illustrators in their distinct styles. This interesting compendium, is presented in high-quality packaging and sold in a limited edition of 999 copies." The pack which is produced by Zeixs is released this June and available to pre-order.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pain At The Dentist

Here is a snippet of the art Sam Bevington is showing at an exhibition starting this week. Pain At The Dentist, a Contemporary Art Exhibition starts on 20th April and continues until 2nd May 2012 at Alvarado Gallery, 33 Chatsworth Road London E5 0LH.  The gallery's press release: 


Nick Whites, You think you've had it bad, 2012

Inspired by Ovid's quote, 'Be patient and be strong; for someday this pain will be useful to you', the exhibition, entitled 'Pain at the Dentists', explores our relationship with the endurance of pain.

In today's society, we are encouraged to ignore and even anesthetize pain, which often can have detrimental effects later on. However, beauty and growth can sometimes be born out of the most painful experiences, something this show captures.

Launching in April 2012, Alvarado Gallery is an artistic outlet that bridges the gap between artists and illustrators and the domestic art collector. The gallery is set to have a series of themed temporary shows across London, before residing in a yet to be disclosed, fixed residence.

The gallery is born out of the need to offer a professional platform for emerging and well-known artists to develop and show their work in an accessible format for the viewer in a relatively affordable price range. The gallery will create a playful environment of artistic expression, exploration and development.
It will also give visitors the chance to see some of the most important new work being created today.

Rob Ryan
Barbara Ryan
Paul Willoughby
Steph Von Reiswitz
Neal Fox (Le Gun)
Hannah Bays
Nick White
David Shillinglaw
Lynnie Zulu
Jamie Brown
Jack Murray (ATG)
Reuben Dangoor
Ray Edwards
William Edward Head
Laura Alvarado
Maya Alvarado
Martin O'Neill
Julie Mackey
The Wooden Truth
Stone and Spear
Flora Rogers
Maddy Sargent
Sam Bevington
Hayden Kays

Thurs 19th April (6-9pm)

20th April - 2nd May

33 Chatsworth Road
London E5 0LH

12 - 6pm (Mon - Sat)
11am - 4pm (Sun)

+44 (0) 7428 772 623

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