Thursday, September 29, 2011

Finding An Agent

We are very proud of our agency and the artists we represent, and the recent article in 'Computer Arts Projects Issue 154' is a great pat on the back. This is one of their standalone "Project" magazines on the theme of promotion. We were approached by Garrick Webster for quotes and Nicolette at the magazine conducted an interview about our weekly Scrapbook newsletter. Illustration are in their "Finding an Agent" feature, with quotes from artist Sarah Beetson, her artworks & Victoria Pearce's interview. They have also listed us in first position of the agent's website they have featured! Splendid!  If you are an artist looking for representation please go here.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Craig Foster's Scrapbook

Specialist medical illustrator Craig Foster on how brainstorming, flow charts & environmental influence all play a role in his idea generating process. Craig Foster's Scrapbook.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Achica, an online private members luxury goods retailer have launched an art division and asked Montana Forbes to be their first artist in the venture. Montana's pieces are now available to buy from their site, which is run by the people also responsible for the online retailer Asos. "Pink Tutu" here, is one of the beauties featured on Achica. The next event on Achica will be taking place on 11/11/11 as a 4 day discounted promotion, so make sure to have a good browse then!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Greenhead Illustrates Peter Kay Book

"The Book That's More Than Just A Book - Book" written by the comedian Peter Kay is out now, and illustrated by another genius of humour Bill Greenhead. Bill created 6 page artworks plus a childish drawing of Yoda. Five of the strip cartoons were done in a 'Grange Hill Style' and the sixth was in black and white. Bill says of the job "I had to draw Peter as a 11 year old boy, which was challenging. He was very supportive through the process and it was a joy to work with such a comedy genius.He said my work was very funny in an email....I'll never wash that email again!"

Friday, September 23, 2011

Do You Have Soul Now?

John Walsom's city painting was recently accepted for exhibition at Bankside Gallery, home of the Royal Watercolour Society, as part of the "London Lives" exhibition which ran earlier this month.  John says, " It's called "Do You Have Soul Now?" which isn't as esoteric as it sounds - it's the piece of music I was listening to when I painted it".

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sam Bevington's Scrapbook

Digital illustrator & printmaker, Sam Bevington, tells of the inspiration he finds in graffiti, skateboard graphics, the Mission School and illustration & advertising from the 1940's and '50's. Sam Bevington's Scrapbook.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Rosie's Local Show

Rosie Sanders is coming home. This will be her first exhibition in the county she lives and loves, and one that will show some of her large flower paintings together with her monotype artist prints. The Bowie Gallery in Totnes, Devon is the place with the exhibition running from 23rd September to 3rd October. The monotype here is called "When Gorse Blossom Is Out, Kissing's In". A beautiful example of the art on sale.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Britt's Solo Exhibition

Britt Spencer has just come to the end of a solo exhibition, one that was a final qualification for his MFA. The show highlighted his larger acrylic screen printed works and "a pretty fun kinetic sculpture". This work marks a fresh look for Britt's illustrations, the same humour with vivid punchy colour.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bissett's Brilliance

Thomas Sabo
personal work

Now in her new 'made to measure' studio, Jacqueline Bissett has been busy with more Thomas Sabo work and some awfully nice personal pieces too. Continuing her relationship with Thomas Sabo, her 3 large recent commissions include a perfume ad, the 2011 catalogue and a 2012 diary. More info here. And she says of her personal work "My new work is a lot more colourful with a Sixties vibe of the latest collections." We love it.

Sputnik Logo

Ian Naylor's 3D skills have been commissioned for this typographic opener for Exhibitor Magazine in the USA. Heidi Howe asked Ian to create a header for their awards page which showed the winners of Exhibitor's Product Design Award. Ian's challenge was to incorporate the trophy's design, colours and materials of brushed aluminium and orange poly fill.

John Lewis Gift Collection

Madamesange aka Helen Lang has launched a gift collection with John Lewis which features her decorative illustrations. The exclusive collection in stores across the UK has been developed in collaboration with Wild & Wolf, a British design led gift company who have also developed product collections with designers such as Rob Ryan and Celia Birtwell.  Helen's collection consists of Tote Shopper Bag, Compact Mirror, Coin Purse, Passport Cover, Wash Bag and an A6 Note Book, perfect gifts for females. Take a look.

A Healthy Breakfast

Published last month, Kavel Rafferty uses her tools to create a balanced diet. Commissioned by Rhian Colley for The British Heart Foundation magazine Heart Matters, Kavel illustrates the importance of having a good breakfast. And it's an image which uses white space beautifully.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Troublesome Kids

Gifted Kavel Rafferty finishes an editorial piece for Wir Eltern , a Swiss parenting magazine. Kavel tackles the theme of naughty kids, the kind we have all come across, with her fluid drawing style and finely balanced textures.

Creatures Of The Night

Shannon Toth's self-published children's book "Creatures of the Night" has won the Complete Book award from Applied Arts. This is quite something, Shannon's paintings are beautifully vibrant, and the bed bugs quite cute! She says:" ...It was an honour to be recognized amongst other international professional artists in such a competitive field and I was flattered to have been chosen as a winner." See more here.

Gymnastics Stamp

More Olympics stamp work comes from Katharine Asher with her kinetic gymnast. The run up to London 2012 is an exciting time and to celebrate with books of illustrated stamps adds extra weight to the event. Katharine is amongst other very fine talent in producing these, commissioned by Studio David Hillman.

Ben's Freelancing Adventures

An Illustration career can be a tough one, and generally those that do it are the ones that love it. But as Ben Tallon's latest preoccupation shows, there are times when it can drive you mad!
Ben's new blog is a very frank chronicling of his freelancing adventures both good and bad. And one of his latest posts; 'Getting Out of Bed' is being published full page in Creative Review on 22nd September, all about inspiration and motivation for designers. Ben says: "People are really relating to it (and) I'm talking to several magazines about a possible serializing of it. When it's done I'll be seeing publishers." Whether a freelance Illustrator or a commissioning client, 'On The Edge: A Freelancer in Recession" is a great read.

Rohan Eason's Scrapbook

Rohan Eason's beautiful pen & ink illustrations are inspired by past masters & contemporary artists. Rohan's Scrapbook.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Re Creation

Hannah Davies's beautiful artworks will be taking part in an exhibition this month. Re Creation, an Art in Mind exhibition is showing at The Brick Lane Gallery from 15th - 26th September.  These are some of the treats on sale.

Allison Torneros's Scrapbook

Artist & illustrator Allison Torneros shares her ingenious solution for dealing with creative blocks and shows us inside her LA studio. Allison's Scrapbook.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Olympics Stamp

Matthew Hollings is one of thirty artists to be asked to create a stamp to commemorate the Olympics. And his stamp, which is now on sale focuses on the paraplegic sport of wheelchair rugby. Matthew says " It was an honour to be chosen alongside such established artists as Julian Opie and George Hardie!". The stamp was commissioned by Studio David Hillman.

Friday, September 2, 2011


Nick Murray Willis animates this moving tale for Mercury Music Award nominees 'The Unthanks'. Grab your hanky. WATCH IT NOW.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

FRAME X FRAME Wiktor and Hugo

A personal piece from the talented Tim Bradford whose creations Wiktor and Hugo struggle with the emotions of being conjoined twins. WATCH IT NOW.