Wednesday, December 29, 2010

John Paul Early

Our Middlesbrough man continues to produce funny and exciting work, with a mind that knows he needs to move with the times, he’s come a long way since moving to London in 1988 to set up as an illustrator. With a couple of Illustration awards under his belt, John Paul’s turning point came when he was commissioned to do a VW ad; to produce several humourous characters cut to white, this job in a way freed him to work in a more simple effective style. Animation has also opened doors for John Paul and with the completion of a 50 minute animated DVD he feels this is the creative genre for him to excel. He still keeps to his roots and paints traditionally in oils and exhibits his work in London. Being one of the most easy-going illustrators around, any client can be sure to enjoy working with our John Paul! See his entire portfolio at

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