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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lost for Words

Greg Becker is the clever-fella behind these charming drawings for a new book called “Lost English”.

Concerning old words which are rarely used, the book follows a Lost English Rediscovered theme, and is published by Michael O’Mara Books.

Harvest Fast Day Pack

More amazing lettering skills from Ruth Rowland this month, with this commission for the Catholic Agency For Overseas Development's Harvest Fast Day Pack.

Comprising two posters and a collection envelope, the packs are distributed to primary and secondary schools in the UK. The stunning poster photography is by Marcella Haddad.

And the good news continues for Ruth, she has just won first prize for her Aruba Posters in the Design Ad Campaign category of the Altpicks Awards. Fantastic!

Hello to Bec Winnel

A warm November hello please for Bec Winnel and her thoroughly wonderful whispery drawing work.

Based in Melbourne, and working predominantly in colour pencil, graphite and pastel, Bec’s delicate portraits are reminiscent of vintage postcards with a hint of George Tooker on a happy day.

Food Glorious Food

This Dickensian yuletide scene is the creation of Jamel Akib, who has illustrated two terrific food-themed pieces for Real Deal magazine.

Explains Jamel: “Chalk pastels worked well in getting over that dusky light and the softness of the snow... and got me in the mood for Christmas early!”

Tatler Anniversary Edition

The talented Emma Rios has an impressive 18 pages of her work in the current issue of Tatler magazine.

For this, their 300th Anniversary Edition, Tatler commissioned Emma to created a replica of New/Old Bond Street for 17 jewellers on the famous street. Each jeweller had a replica of the shop front, complete with gorgeous jewellery displays.


Good news this month for Rosie Sanders whose long out-of-print book, "The English Apple", is to be republished next year by Frances Lincoln entitled "Apples".

For this new edition, Rosie has added 22 cultivars to the original set. Each new cultivar features two painted views of the fruit, as well as the leaves, blossom and a cross-section.

Wall to Wall

One huge and exciting challenge was set for Miss Led this month after visiting Marcelle Symons at her boutique in London.

Miss Led was requested to cover as much wall space as possible, across 3 floors, adjoining corridors, walls, stairs and doors to include changing rooms. All in just 2 weeks! Plans are set for a return to the site for some live window painting next month.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Skins on E4

Check out Ben Tallon’s new work on E4’s trailer for the new series of Skins.

Working closely with directors at Channel 4, and animation experts Mike Moloney studios, Ben provided all the illustrations and type right from the original pencil skeleton through to the final illustration. See the trailer here

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our New Website

This month sees the proud launch of our new-improved website!

With the emphasis more image-led than previously, for both artist and client, we have also added the facility for clients to register and create their own scrapbooks in which you can store, manage, print and share selected images.

Friday, October 9, 2009

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Uncle Sam’s Creative Explosion

American Ingenuity is the theme of Britt Spencer’s explosive cover illustration for The Saturday Evening Post.
Britt was proud to have worked with this magazine: “For an illustrator in the States, it's pretty historical considering the mag’s close ties to Norman Rockwell and Leyendecker.”

Sunday, September 20, 2009

On the go with Katmo

People travelling on Traveline South West are in for a visual orgy of posters, bus sides and adshells thanks to the creative brains at Katmo.
The team have created a wondrous series of colourful characters—each of whom relates to a certain destination in the south west of England. .

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Soho Poster Art

Popping up around London right now is Alyana Cazalet’s nifty (and highly stylish) poster artwork for Soho’s Star CafĂ©.
Commissioned by Sarah Benson at CHI and Partners, Alyana’s loose, understated lines, and dots of colour make for quality design.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Art of Well-Being

Tired of all this negativity in the world? Tim Bradford has the all-positive antidote in the form of this cheery self-initiated piece.
Entitled ‘Wear Shorts More’, the piece is “inspired by a positive thinking attitude and the effect it can have on our well-being, hopefully helping keep us all afloat in these times of crisis!”

The Sunday Times in Style

All things must pass, as a great man once said, including Jacqueline Bissett’s four-year run with the Sunday Times Style magazine.
To end in style, Linda Burrows commissioned Jacqueline to create this fashion figure for this month's horoscope feature. Jacqueline herself sends a huge thank you and farewell to the team at Sunday Times Style.

Christian David Moore

A big hello this month to the gorgeous fantasy world of Christian David Moore.
Combining ink washes with a strong command of watercolour, Christian takes inspiration from all things glamorous: beautiful women, glamour and luxury. Good choices.


A warm welcome also please to Madamesange who brings a delightful mix of decorative line and humour to the agency.
Madamesange (aka Helen Lang) has worked extensively in the print and poster industry — impressing clients such as TESCO in the UK and Paper Magic and American Greetings in the US, and looks forward to expanding into editorial and publishing fields.

Reading vs Losing

Feast your eyes on Steven Pattison’s jazzy new bookmark illustration for World Wrestling Entertainment.
The design came initially via a competition for a child to design a bookmark based on the theme “Reading is for Losers”. The winning piece was then forwarded to Steve to re-draw in his distinctive style. © WWE

Taming the Banks

This heroic masterpiece of a front cover comes from Jonathan Allardyce who created it for Prospect magazine.
The brief called for an image of FSA Chairman Adair Turner answering the need for stronger moral values for the banking industry.
Currently wowing all at the Perth Fashion Week is this anti-drink drive animation from the amazing Sarah Beetson.
The animations were projected onto the sides of several buildings in Perth City Centre, with the tagline: “Champers hampers driving skills”. Never has a police warning looked so cool.
See the animations.
Sarah Beetson's portfolio.

Neat Logo

“Simple” and “elegant” often work out well together, so proves Adam Larkum and this simple and elegant new logo for Edinburgh based publisher Bookspeed.
Utilising a neat lino cut effect, Adam’s series of oyster catch birds also features on book display stands.

Monday, September 14, 2009

That Yucky Love Thing

is the title of an enchanting new children's book by Michael Catchpool featuring wonderful illustration work by Victoria Ball.
Commissioned by Paula Burgess at Gullane, the book recounts the tale of young Sam and his attempts to escape the "yucky hugging and kissing he sees everywhere he looks". Says Victoria: "It was a really fun book to work on. The team had clear ideas on the illustrations but I was still allowed lots of creative freedom.

Bound for Glory

This vibrant image of glowing animal well-being is the work of talented wildlife illustrator Andrew Hutchinson, who has just completed it for the German branch of pet health nutritionists, Royal Canin.
The glorious scene of running cats and dogs will feature extensively in Royal Canin's nationwide campaign, which will mainly comprise of large outdoor posters.

In it to Win it

Cruising in for the big win is Bill Ledger and these comical animated creations for the latest Camelot National Lottery campaign. Bill's idea for a cardboard cut-out puppet theatre went down a storm with Camelot, who have developed the idea into an online game, as well as mobile phone animations.
See the animation hereBill Ledger's portfolio

What Women Want

Telling it like it is, is Ruth Rowland's lettering skills and this no-nonsense cover for Newsweek Magazine.
Using her favourite lipstick and working directly onto glass ("tricky but fun"), Ruth was commissioned by Newsweek's Bruce Ramsey to apply her trademark lettering style to powerful political effect.

Connoisseur McClelland

Meet Kathy Wyatt's McClelland character: a nostalgic lone explorer who walks the Scottish hills and lowlands in his on-going study of whisky.
Originally commissioned by David Huckell of Nevis Design two years ago, McClelland has made a yuletide comeback, not only in the shape of all McClelland whisky packaging and publicity, but also on the McClelland website where a sketchbook of his travels can be seen.See the animation here. Kathy Wyatt's portfolio.

Ceiling Art

Rollover Michelangelo! When it comes to ceiling paintings Chris Corr is up there with the best of them.
New York-based Interior Design Company Eric Cohler Design hired Chris to let his art loose on this apartment ceiling. Using his favourite blend of buildings, stars, planets, black hole and flying machines, Chris spent about a week on the project. We hope his neck is better now!
Christopher Corr's portfolio.

How Ritz Get Made

This magnificently comical animation for the new Ritz Crackers website comes via the talented Katmo team, who were commissioned by CoCo Weir at JWT for Ritz.
The brief was to show the stages of the production process in a humorous factory scene populated with characters who are passionate about what they do. Says Katmo: "The animation loops, which was a bit of a challenge to get all machines, rollers, boxes, biscuits and movements in sync. A great challenge and great fun to do."Watch the animation.
KATMO's portfolio.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Apple iPod Touch (second generation, 32GB) works great on Apple iPod Touch (second generation, 32GB)

Corr in Close-up

Now until 6th September brings the chance to view some fabulous Christopher Corr paintings at West Dean in Sussex, near Chichester.
Chris’s collection brings together paintings from his many varied travels to India, USA, Madagascar, Australia and France. You can also learn from the master himself as Chris will be teaching a painting course there in March.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Claire’s Cambridge Colours

This cheery design is the handiwork of Claire Rollet who is mid-way through a massive project for ELT Cambridge University Press.
Working alongside Tina Clarke at Pentacor Book Designers, the 6-level series is being published worldwide. Says Claire: “They are still hand-drawn with indian ink but the colouring I've done is much more vivid than my usual toned down palette. They're fun and fresh, quite cartoonish.”

A View Of London

Reeling in the pride are four of our top illustrators who have been selected to exhibit at the AOI/London Transport Museum exhibition, “A View Of London”.
Gail Armstong, Natalie Kilany, Mike Stones and Christopher Corr were chosen from over 200 entries for The London Transport Museum show, which opens to the public on 18th May until 14th June. You can see Gail’s entry meanwhile online at the exhibition site here. Gail Armstrong's portfolio. Mike Stones's portfolio. Christopher Corr's portfolio. Natalie Kilany's portfolio.

Rosie Sanders London Show

Next month brings the chance to see the supreme botanical work of Rosie Sanders in its original glory.
This solo exhibition at the Olympia Art and Antiques Fair is in conjunction with Jonathan Cooper of Park Walk Gallery, and brings together a number of Rosie’s large flower paintings, as well as a choice selection of landscape work. Come and see from 5th to 14th June, Stand C75.

Old Iraq, New Iraq

Contrasting the old and the new is Ian Naylor and this recent cover image for MEED magazine.
Ian’s powerful design illustrates the rebuilding of Iraq’s infrastructure after the invasion, by contrasting a foreground of twisted material, against a map of the country through which we see the new Iraq within.

Sweet Job for Cadbury

Ruth Rowland has been asked to work on a new logo for Cadbury's popular chocolate assortment, Roses, originally introduced in 1938.
The distinctive blue packaging has been retained, while Ruth has added textured brush lettering combined with clean graphics to give the packaging a more contemporary and spontaneous feel.

Welcome to Nuno DaCosta

New to the agency this month is the elegant and extremely chic fashion work of Nuno DaCosta.
Nuno’s loose and stylish brush work has already found favour with some of fashion’s top creatives: Neil Moodie, Lisa Butler, Zoe Irwin, and designer Melissa Odabash among them — and his illustrations have appeared in Marie Claire, You and Cosmo.

Six of the Best

Chris Ede is behind these excellently rendered portraits for Soho House Quarterly Magazine.
Working initially with ink and later reconstructing in Photoshop, the six portraits show the magazine’s house guests, and appear in the Spring issue 2009, and also online here.

Portfolio Show

Come and put some faces to names at the up-coming “Portfolios” exhibition, where Illustration Ltd. will be among the many pools of talent on show.
Organised by Creative Review and the Creative Handbook, this is a dedicated event for all art directors, designers and buyers of photography and illustration. So come and say hello on June 9 and 10 at the Central Hall Westminster, London — it would be great to see you there!

Spring into Summer

This nicely hippy spring illustration is by Tianyin Wang, and is currently featuring proud as this month's cover for Fashion Monitor magazine.
Tianyin was given a free reign to create whatever his mind allowed, and his playful colour palette conjures a mellow 60s feel, providing the perfect intro into the summer we all need.

Unlikely Wrestling Match

Ben Tallon has just completed round 1 in his “Versus” series — a personal series of hand-drawn posters for unlikely wrestling matches, inspired, explains Ben, “by my love of sport, mainly Professional Wrestling!”
Ben’s humorous approach, superb drawing skills and command of typography makes for a quirky, slightly naive feel. Up-coming matches include: Orton v Helmsley (Wrestlemania 25), Obama v Clinton (race v sex challenge) and Ian Brown v Ricky Hatton.

SmokeFree Homes For All!

Currently splashed across leaflets, posters and flyers are these cheery designs by John Paul Early for Foam Design—a project run by Westminster Primary Care Trust.
The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of the affects on health, especially second-hand smoke on children, and drum home the message that “Kids are healthier when homes are SmokeFree”