Monday, December 23, 2013

Curzi Draws Live for Warehouse

Lucia Emanuela Curzi spent a Saturday in November drawing portraits at a live Christmas painting event for the clothing brand Warehouse. Taking place at a Manchester store, here are a selection of Lucia's pieces, proudly shown by the sitters.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Art Basel - Miami

a selection of Gustabo's photos from Art Basel - Miami

Gustabo gives us a snap shot of the latest Art Basel: Miami event, with some photos to illustrate the great time he had! 'Art Basel stages the world's premier Modern and contemporary art shows, held annually in Basel, Miami Beach, and Hong Kong. Founded by gallerists in 1970, Art Basel has been a driving force in supporting the role that galleries play in the nurturing of artists, and the development and promotion of visual arts.'

Gustabo says "It's filled with non-stop shows, people, parties, installations, promotions, films and events. It's a paradise for artists and art seekers alike. It has heaping portions of art fair with a sideshow of Electric Circus that has to be seen to be believed. The perfect storm of art, celebrity and commerce. The worlds eyes, ears and purse strings descend on Miami for 5 days and if you have something to show, want to be seen and/or heard, then this is the place !
From the Karl Lagerfeld / Marina Abromovich opening party, Pulse, Scope, PAMM, Jeff Koons, Louis Vuitton's La Maison au Bord de L'eau (at the Raleigh Hotel's beach front), Kanye West, Marilyn Minter and A Rod to the graffiti walls of Wynwood, whew!… to name a few, it was sensory overload!"

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sarah Beetson's Design Classic

Sarah Beetson's article for Computer Arts on her Coney Island design classic is to be re-published.
The piece which talks about Gregory and Paul's, an eatery under threat of closure, will appear in a new version of the magazine for ipad.
Sarah met the owner Paul at the end of 2011, before Hurricane Sandy changed the face of the Coney Island Beachfront. She says "We shared fried shrimp and coronas. I look forward to seeing Paul again in 2014. This time I hope to paint his portrait!"

Sarah Beetson and owner Paul in 2011

Sarah's article:

My design classic: Gregory and Paul’s

"Under threat of closure for decades, the Coney Island eatery is home to an inspiring array of handmade signage, says illustrator Sarah Beetson. Since 2002, I have made five pilgrimages to the place that inspires me most in the world: Coney Island, on the shores of Brooklyn. My most photographed spot there is Gregory & Paul’s eatery on the boardwalk, which has recently been renamed Paul’s Daughter. Founded by Paul Georgoulakos and his best friend upon their arrival from Greece in 1962, his daughter Tina now runs the show. The original building was constructed in 1939 with rounded corners and ornate wooden pillars. A classic in beachfront architecture, it was revamped in 2012. What’s really special about it though, is that it still incorporates all of Gregory and Paul’s original handpainted signage, with the cotton candy kids Chiefito and Chiefita, and Mr Shrimp still dominating the front panels. Brilliant as the new design looks to be, I’m still kind of sad that the ageing original has gone. Every single item available in the shack is written haphazardly in veritable Technicolor all over the walls; a naively brilliant exploitation of free advertising space. The signwriter has even lent his hand to a ‘Please Wash your Hands’ sign in the employee bathroom. There is a magically authentic retrograde feel about the diner that is evoked by the signs. The place is a permanent pastel- come-spaceage 1960s time capsule".

See more on Sarah Beetson's Coney Island Dream Campaign.

Zoot Style
illustration profiling a Zoot style suit

Elena Viltovskaia illustrates for Toronto based publication Worn.
The biannual magazine discusses the cultures, subcultures, histories, and personal stories of fashion,  Elena's commission was to provide art to go with a story 'focusing on the history of Zoot suits, Zoot movement and the cultural and socio-economic circumstances'. Her creations have been used on the inside pages and look pretty cool!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Reading Unbound

Scholastic commission Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn to create a book cover illustration for 'Reading Unbound'.
The brief was to make a chalk cover using a list of buzzwords, Shauna says "I played (with) the words and worked to make them feel fun and lively, as well as pulling in a few fun elements like the Mockingjay pin for the Hunger Games (one of my favorite books!)".
The book argues 'Why Kids Need to Read What They Want--And Why We Should Let Them" and is out in January.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New Talent Alert: Dr Ponce

Meet Belgium based illustrator Dr Ponce, whose colourful work focuses on shapes, characters and composition, often inspired by his childhood.