Thursday, June 30, 2011

Max Gregor At Glastonbury

Lucky Max Gregor got to spend some time at this year's Glastonbury Festival. Not only did he create this mural for the "Spirit of 71" stage, he also met Micheal Evis and Will Young! The stage was to commemorate 40 years of the festival by bringing back acts that where at the first Glastonbury 40 years ago. Max says: ".. the wall is inspired by Biba and poster art from that era, and will feature in a documentry about the festival 40 years on. It was easily the muddiest place I've ever had to work in!!..."

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Grahame Baker-Smith wins CILIP Kate Greenaway Award

We are immensely proud to announce the news that Grahame Baker-Smith has won this year's CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal for his novel "FArTHER" published by Templar. Congratulations to Grahame for this much deserved and prestigious award. Read more here.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Beto Campos on The Simpsons

Beto Campos has recently completed the concept art and photomanipulation of the book cover, "Under the Dome", by Stephen King, and to add to this, it was recently parodied on Simpsons! Season 22, episode 6 at 18  mins 45 secs to be exact! How exciting!


Studio: Platinum FMD
Concept Art: Betocampos

Manipulation: Betocampos, Flavio Teixeira, Milton Menezes and Flavio Albino.

3D Modeling: Fabio Bispo (Djavan) and Rafael Vallaperde

dpi Magazine Feature

Hannah Davies enjoys a feature with the June edition of dpi Magazine. Relishing a front cover and a 3 page spread, her detailed illustrations decorate the pages like jewellery. See it here.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Matthew Robson's Scrapbook

Illustrator and animator Matthew Robson on the inspiration he finds and love of living in the diverse city of Leeds. Matthew Robson's Scrapbook.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sticky Patch Or Meltdown?

Derek Bacon creates another fantastic cover for The Economist this week illustrating the question "The world ecomomy, sticky patch or meltdown?" Derek's regular covers for the publication always make an impact, this global ice cream is no exception.

Mikela Prevost's Scrapbook

California trained, Arizona based illustrator Mikela Prevost on secretly watching everyday people going about their everyday lives. Mikela Prevost's Scrapbook.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Greg Becker on TV

Greg Becker gets his deserved fame on the Horticultural Channel on Sky TV. You can see an interview with Greg plus a peek of his allotment, and talk of his allotment blog plot52. Greg's piece starts at 3mins 40secs. Watch it now.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Patron Saint of The Citroën

Robert Carter works his amazing brushes on this portrait for Hagerty Magazine.
The article is about Richard Bonford, the Patron Saint of the French Citroen car. Suitably dressed in his armour,  Robert illustrates "No matter how obscure your orphaned car, you have a knight in shining armour, ready to keep your car on the road".

Love Actually

Christian David Moore's elegant lines are all over this spread for Tatler.
Christian was commissioned by Tatler on behalf of Pandora Jewellery, the glittering double page spread was featured in the May issue of the magazine.

Welcome Allison Torneros

We are thrilled to now represent Allison Torneros.
Her dreamlike style oozing with beauty has caught the eye of The North Face who have commissioned Allison’s designs for an artist collaboration using her signature style. The graphics appear on a selection of t-shirts, bags, and jackets, currently showing in stores all over the US. And Allison is excited about her first solo show coming up at the end of the year at The Hold Up Art Gallery in LA entitled " Streams Of Subconsciousness", we’ll keep you informed.

Butterfly Pie

T.S Spookytooth works with Pearson to create Butterfly Pie.
Several illustrations were commissioned for the book which tells of a snake that has a penchant for butterflies, in a pie, until the snake’s pursuit of one butterfly doesn’t go as planned ! T.S Spookytooth illustrates this humorous tale with his characteristic style perfectly.

Ella’s Sanctuary

Beautiful packaging for the Sanctuary Spa has been gorgeously illustrated by Ella Tjader.
If feminine, beautiful, and stylish are words on a brief, Ella Tjader’s creations are always the answer. Camilla Lilliesköld Design & Art Direction commissioned Ella to produce illustrations for the Covent Garden based spa. These successful results take you to a fruity and floral butterfly garden.

His and Hers

Kavel Rafferty produces sumptuous food illustrations for Women’s Day Magazine.
Should we change our food habits when we get into a relationship? Well this was the theme of the article for Kavel to illustrate. She has created 3 appetising illustrations, beautifully drawn, unfortunately cutting out fat, chips and sugar.

ES Predictions

Jonathan Allardyce creates a futuristic set of images for ES magazine.
Who knows what jobs will be out there for our grandchildren and beyond, Jonathan’s illustrative predictions are a good example. Using the line “Predictions about the future always tell you most about the time they were made in,” as a start, with a text written by Richard Godwin, Jonathan has put The Vertical Farmer, The AI guy and the Trans-Olympic athlete into reality.

Popular Mechanics

Matthew Laznicka was thrilled with his commission from Hearst Publishing’s Popular Mechanics.
Originally commissioned as an editorial illustration, the success of the image meant the magazine decided to use it for the May 2011 cover. Matthew says “It had always been my dream to be on the cover. My father and grandfather were always subscribers and I loved as a child going through the old box my grandad had dating back to the 40's.”

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jonathan Allardyce's Scrapbook

Illustrator Jonathan Allardyce on his love of & the inspiration he finds living on the agricultural plains of Buchan. Jonathan Allardyce's Scrapbook.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

FRAME X FRAME Growing Up With Chevy

 Nick Murray Willis excels again with an advert for Chevrolet who were looking for stories that capture the shared moment of 'life running deep'. Watch it now.

Monday, June 6, 2011

FRAME X FRAME Bite Campaign

Bill Greenhead's storyboarding makes a fun ad with Studioset TV and McCann Erickson for Bite in Romania.Watch it now.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Nathan Aardvark's Scrapbook

Zurich based illustrator and artist Nathan Aardvark on squat studios, arts subcultures & experimenting with latex. Nathan Aardvark's Scrapbook.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bun Not So Small For T S Spookytooth

Eternal man of mystery, TS Spookytooth, is currently wowing children with his first picture book for Harper Collins. Entitled: "The Small Bun", the book is one in a series of books that aim to introduce children to reading via the method of phonics. With such a young audience in mind, the brief was very simple: to provide illustrations that tie-in seamlessly with the text, and not distract from it in any way. Getting this balance between words and image was something of a challenge for Mr Spookytooth and his runaway imagination, even more so since it was his first picture book for children. But as you'll see, his colourful and delightfully humorous illustration style lends itself effortlessly to the project, resulting in one genuinely pleasing publication.

Flower's Too Beautiful

Fragile, delicate, yet graphic and strong – these are the elements that define Nadia Flower’s quite beautiful illustration work. Combining hand-drawn and computer-based imagery, Nadia works happily across a variety of visual mediums, from fine art painting to fashion and textile, as well as pure illustration for the editorial and advertising markets. Based in New Zealand, Nadia has produced work for clients around the world, including – Marie Claire (UK), Yen magazine (Aus), Ellegirl (UK), Graniph (Japan) and Emerica (US). Nadia’s work has also appeared in group exhibitions and book publications in Australia ,Tokyo, and the US.

Robinson Gets Historic With DNA

When it comes to interesting commissions, Keith Robinson was the illustrator and animator of choice for a series of programmes about DNA for Channel 4. The series looks at the distribution of DNA in Britain, and its relation to the many invasions and settlements throughout the country's history. The results themselves are based on a mammoth £2 million project by Oxford University and the Welcome Foundation, and feature a number of well-known faces who volunteered for DNA testing. For Keith the task was to produce a number of animated maps illustrating the routes of migration and invasion, as well as the distribution of DNA around the country today. The maps also feature in a book that accompanies the series. In addition Keith has created a number of short animated sequences to illustrate the various population groups. The highly evocative silhouette style that Keith employs so well here makes for an interesting departure from the usual historical "reconstructions" and 3D computer graphics typically used in history documentaries.