Thursday, September 19, 2013

Maxus Mural

Chrissy posing with the final mural


Commissioned by media agency Maxus Australia, Chrissy Lau creates a unique mural in their kitchen and dining area.
The brief was to visually translate the agency's positioning of 'Lean into Change', so after receiving everyone's ideas, Chrissy focussed on the key words of innovation, digital, change, future, vibrancy and organic growth.

She says of the end result "On one wall is Einstein's quote "The measure of intelligence is the ability to change" with the word 'change' repeated in different styles of font. On the larger wall is a futuristic rocketman leaning into change - I've made him quite playful with a propeller on his head to represent the agency's personality as they all have a good sense of humour."

And the mural has pleased the team at Maxus,  CEO Jonathan Chadwick says of the piece:

".... Chrissy created a brilliant image that we feel perfectly encapsulates the agency culture (first take). As the Mural was being developed the agency became more and more excited about the meticulous detail of the unravelling design. After a few days our mural was finally revealed and the decision was unanimous – a masterpiece had been created. Thanks for a brilliant job Chrissy, we love your work!"

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