Thursday, September 26, 2013

Have you seen our new website?

After months of redesigning and thinking of how we can help you make your selection better, we are very excited to launch our new website.

A sharpened design so you can fly around many of the worlds' finest illustrators and then, when some work catches your eye, dive straight into their artwork in hi res, downloading portfolios, making collections, sending them to colleagues and tracking past jobs.

MyIllustration becomes YOUR website

It becomes YOUR website at MyIllustration, so please sign up. (btw, if you struggled with registering before fear not, we have learned our lesson and now it works properly).

There is more information on the artists and their work, including many video interviews. And we, their privileged agents, reveal all (well some) on the Meet The Team page.

Don't miss the testimonials that have had us all blushing, sent in by clients and artists alike.

There are other new handy features that will reveal themselves to you after a quick poke around, and we'd love to highlight a page that explains how every single one of our clients helps us to plant 1 Million Trees over the next 5 years.

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