Thursday, July 25, 2013


Hanging outside Ilfracombe Museum

Hannah Davies completes a beautiful artwork for Ilfra-Expo.

Asked to create a large scale mural to be displayed in a temporary location across Ilfracombe, Hannah was thrilled to hear of the opportunity.
Talking of the commission which was in collaboration with fellow artist Lianne Harrison, she says "We were in awe of the Georgian and Victorian houses that line the harbour and are so prominent in this town. We were captured by the fishing boats and the history of the industry . Our aim is to bring this history to life using vibrant colours, shapes and textures to create a wonderful, inspiring collaboration to sit outside the local museum.’
Showing until August 4th, the artwork can now be seen on the outside wall of Ilfracombe Museum in North Devon alongside Lianne's piece.

From the Ilfra-Expo organisers:
"From July 14th to August 4th 2013 the seaside town of Ilfracombe will be hosting a range of contemporary artworks, projects and events. Ilfra-Expo will unfold through a series of guided tours and artist talks that will accompany an exhibition of artworks creating a trail of discovery around the historically rich town.

Ilfra-Expo will be presenting artworks in diverse locations, including unused shops and public spaces, as well as the town’s museums, heritage sites and other places important to the local community.

The selected artist’s for Ilfra-Expo 2013 are exhibiting existing artworks as well as developing new artworks inspired by the town. Project Manager Erin Rickard has been working closely with the artists, volunteers and community to develop an intimate artistically led experience for visitors to Ilfracombe and Ilfra-Expo. This promises to be an imaginative exhibition that will inspire public interest in both the town’s heritage and in young British artists."

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