Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lucia the Shoe Illustrator

After the success of Jacqueline Bissett at the London Selfridges store, it was time for Lucia Emanuela Curzi  to become 'Shoe Illustrator' at stores in Manchester and Birmingham. Lucia says of her experience "... I was live painting at Selfridges in Manchester and painted about 10 shoes, 7 or 8 boxes (or maybe more, I was so busy that (I) couldn't count them!). From 11am to 4.30pm there were so many enthusiastic people that had been in a queue to have their shoes and boxes painted. A couple also asked to paint the soles of their Kurt Geiger' Wedding Shoes and in the previous week I painted a girl's shoe for the prom night." 
This was certainly a fun experience very well suited to Lucia's spontaneous drawing style.

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