Friday, April 26, 2013

DinoZoo 2

Andy Council has been working on a large scale project with Bristol Zoo to promote the return of DinoZoo, a host of 12 life-like animatronic dinosaurs taking up residence at the attraction. Over the last few weeks, Andy has attracted crowds at local shopping centres around Bristol, who have all eagerly looked on as he creates dinosaur masterpieces using only a spray can, a 20ft by 10ft board and his imagination. Andy has also been visiting schools in Bristol and South Wales to get an insight into the young pupils' local community and buildings, through their drawings and ideas. From this material, he has created a host of dinosaur illustrations, whose bodies are comprised of various landmarks relevant to the school’s area. Each dinosaur illustration is displayed within the Bristol Zoo grounds and is there for all to see as of the DinoZoo2 launch last month. Andy said, “My work involves dinosaurs and Bristol landmarks, so the DinoZoo project at Bristol Zoo Gardens is a perfect fit for me. I enjoy involving the local community, both the people and places!”

DinoZoo2 will be open every day until Sunday September 8 2013, and is free with Zoo admission. It will give visitors the chance to get up-close to this amazing new breed of dinosaurs and learn even more about their incredible characteristics.

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