Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Innovation Centre Mural

Andy Council has done a wonderful job with this recent commission for University of Bath’s Innovation Centre. The large mural is painted on the wall of the Centre's new DigiCity space for creators, coders, innovators, cool digerati (people who have a very sound understanding of computer technology), those that live and work in Bath and  those who are just passing through. Andy says "The spraypaint and acrylic mural is of a huge dragon type creature made up of Bath city landmarks. Being a flying dragon represents the new, change and innovation that the centre is all about. It is a nod to the old icons in the city but is modern in it's execution and style. It is relevant being the Year of the Dragon and the rise of the East. The centre aims to have connections to the east and all over the world." For more information on this commission look at Bath Digital and Bath University.
 Andy's work cleverly fuses drawing with architecture, structure and character, for a strong individual look.

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