Monday, February 27, 2012

First Time Nerves

First Time Nerves is an exhibition of images by Derek Bacon. Running from March 16th-30th 2012, the show is an exciting celebration of his illustrative and personal work.
 "Entirely self-taught, Derek is an accomplished illustrator best-known for his many worldwide covers for The Economist, as well as for UK publications, The Times, The Guardian, Maxim, and Wired, and too for other publications around the world. The exhibition is a great chance to see his highly-detailed work in close-up, and to see his skills across a range of disciplines: from more traditional pen-and-ink work, to digital paintings made entirely in Photoshop. Also on show will be a series of acrylic-based portraits painted last summer. Born in London, Derek has lived in Madrid and Jakarta, and for the longest, in Poole. He likes Carry-On films, fish and chips, Giles cartoons, The Beatles, and is a big collector of found-sound. You have been warned."
The exhibition takes place at The Artworks, Enefco House, Ball Lane, Poole Quay, Poole, England.

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