Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Shepherd East Conference Video

Matthew Robson has completed a fully animated conference video for Shepherd East.

Produced for Matthew animated seven separate characters for a 2 minute short "(it was) a testament to how far technology has moved forward over recent years." say Matthew.

Each of the characters (apart from Bruce Forsyth) are members of the Shepherd team, with the use of many 'in jokes' and personal catch phrases, the video "got a rapturous applause when shown at the conference." Matthew says of the production "Technically, it was using some new custom modified animation software that allowed me to dial in a much more nuanced performance for each character. Add to that the fact that style wise I’m moving away from black keylines in favour of coloured ones, and towards simpler, light and colour focused backgrounds with no keyline at all, all go to make it one of the jobs I’ve had the most fun with this year." See the animation.

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