Thursday, April 8, 2010

Parliamentary Waffle House

Parliamentary Waffle House to open near Carnaby, London in run-up to election.

The Parliamentary Waffle House, an election based bar and eatery by Bompas & Parr opens at 65-67 Broadwick Street, London on 22nd April 2010.

Each item on the menu will be orderable in a variation corresponding to one of the three major political parties.  Orders will feed directly into a live action swing ‘o’ meter that gages the mood of the country as people vote with their mouths.

The waffles are made using custom-built irons that employ technology commonly used in the fabrication of fighter jet engines. They were as part of a research programme run by Bompas & Parr in conjunction with Central Saint Martins MA Future Textiles.

Visitors will be asked to don special hats to demarcate their political allegiance. A soap-box and memo wall will be provided for partisans to air their view. Non-stop political coverage will be screened so drinkers and diners are up to speed. The Parliamentary Waffle House will also host the Museum of Food vs Politics. Exhibits include Tony Blair’s face on a melted cheese sandwich, a step by step guide to Thatcher’s Egg Diet and the wrapper of the notorious Gummer burger.

In the evenings the Parliamentary Waffle House will host a programme of politics and food related entertainment. Think Tank Thowdowns see top ideas men battle for supremacy, there will be screenings of political films like In the Loop and special lobbying nights where we give the public access to the parliamentary big boys. On election night itself there will be an all night vigil with celebratory booze for the victors and tea and sympathy for the losers.

In terms of design the installation unites the perpendicular gothic style of Charles Barry’s Houses of Parliament with the gothic styling and typography of waffle houses across Europe. Interestingly Barry’s system based architecture mirrors the processes involved in waffle making and the portcullis logo of the Houses of Parliament looks like a waffle. 

Harry Parr, partner of Bompas & Parr LLP comments:
“At the Parliamentary Waffle House politician’s can reach out and touch voter’s most sensitive organ: their bellies. We are looking forward to seeing lots of MPs pop down. Qualifying members of the All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group can even drink for free.”

For further information and images please contact Sam Bompas, partner at Bompas & Parr
Tel: + 44 (0) 7944 405 193 Email:  Web:

Visit for further details of the installation
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Editor’s notes
·       Parliamentary Waffle House will be open between 22nd April and 6th May
·       The opening hours are noon til midnight
·       The Parliamentary Waffle House will be at 65-67 Broadwick Street, London, W1F 9QY
·       Further information is available from

Bompas & Parr editor’s notes
·       Bompas & Parr curates spectacular culinary events, creates fine English jellies and designs bespoke jelly moulds. Their work operates in the space between food and architecture. Projects explore how the taste of food is influenced by synaesthesia, performance and setting.
·       In the past Bompas & Parr has worked with leading architects including Lord Foster, Will Alsop and Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners to design jelly moulds. Heston Blumenthal used Bompas & Parr’s jellying expertise for his television series Feast and they created Alcoholic Architecture – a walk in cloud of breathable gin and tonic.  Bompas & Parr recently hosted the Architectural Punchbowl in which a building was flooded with over four tonnes of alcoholic punch that visitors boated across before having a drink.
·       Bompas & Parrs’ first book Jelly with Bompas & Parr will be published in June 2010 by Anova books.

See their portfolio here 

·     Carnaby is…… unique independent stores, unusual boutiques, global fashion brands, award winning restaurants and hip nightlife. Carnaby has it all.
·     Step under the iconic Carnaby Arch and experience the edgy and cosmopolitan vibe of London’s top shopping destination. Twelve streets make up this style village including Carnaby Street, Newburgh and Marshall Streets, food quarter Ganton Street, Kingly Street, Foubert’s Place, Beak Street, Broadwick Street, Marlborough and Lowndes Courts and the vibrant open air courtyard, Kingly Court. Carnaby is perfectly located between Oxford Circus and Piccadilly Circus in the centre of London’s West End.
·     Carnaby has staked a claim on fashion’s frontier since the 1960’s and continues today to be at the heart of eclectic fashion and design.
·     For further information on Carnaby contact Sarah Mole at Sister – 020 7287 9601

·       Waffles are made by cooking batter between waffle irons to give them their characteristic shape. They have an interesting history. Medieval waffle irons often depicted elaborate coats of arms, crosses and religious or magical symbols. Waffles were sold outside churches on special occasions and competition was so intense a severe waffle law had to be passed.
·       The highlight of the eighteenth century social diary was the waffle frolic. We want to bring this back.
·       The logo for parliament looks like a waffle.

All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group
·       To promote the wholesomeness and enjoyment of beer and unique role of the pub in UK society; to increase understanding of the social, cultural and historic role of brewing and pubs in the UK, and their value to tourism; to broaden recognition of the contribution of brewing and pubs to employment and to the UK’s economy; to promote understanding of the social responsibility exercised by the brewing and pub industries; to support the UK’s brewing industry worldwide and to promote a positive future for beer and the pub.

For further information and images please contact Sam Bompas, partner at Bompas & Parr
Tel: + 44 (0) 7944 405 193 Email:  Web:

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