Thursday, April 22, 2010

Garrick Webster Updates us on Issue 9 of A5-The Remix

A5 the Remix

Garrick Webster has the latest on the current A5 magazine, which is out now. 

The surprising thing is it’s square - not A5! But there’s a reason for this. Created by Israeli designers Keren and Golan Gafni and Tali Green, issue nine takes on the theme of Remix. Designers were invited to create an image based on their favourite song. 

“The format has changed this time due to the theme, in order to give the object the feel of a small vinyl record,” says Golan Gafni. 
Over 600 creatives contributed and 77 were chosen to appear in the square publication. Issue 10 will be on the topic of Sin.

Contributors to A5 magazine had the perfect brief – to create a visual response to their favourite song.

A5 Remix: Steven Beckly:

This is the image Toronto-based photographer Steven Beckly came up with for the song Elephant Gun by the band Beirut

A5 Remix Eitan Cohen:

Artist Eitan Cohen had the song Wake Up by Arcade Fire on his mind when drawing this image for A5 Magazine’s Remix issue

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