Tuesday, November 19, 2013


on the tube

Pete Pachoumis is commissioned by The Ministry of Sound to create poster art for a campaign to save the famous club.
Proposed residential development of the land around the club could result in its closure, so The Ministry of Sound have been calling on the support of London Mayor Boris Johnson. Pete has produced a comical image to raise awareness and support for the case, which has been used across social media platforms, as posters and even projected on to the side of a nearby tower block.
After four years of talks, the final decision will be made today by the Mayor. Follow the news here.
Pete says "I was approached to create an image that would be eye catching, entertaining, memorable and tell a quick story all while capturing a likeness of the Mayor. I try my best when allowed in my illustration work to entertain the viewer (along with) the message that the client wishes to convey. This project was the sum of that in one single image; the Mayor swooping in and saving the Ministry of Sound all while placing a smile of the faces of the people in London."

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