Friday, November 22, 2013

Mace Bauer Mysteries
small images for spine and back
Gail Armstrong creates two book cover illustrations for Llewellyn Worldwide.
'Mama Gets Trashed' and 'Mama Does Time' by Deborah Sharp are part of the Mace Bauer Mystery series; stories based in Florida involving biologist Mace and his mother who stumble upon murder victims and then feel compelled to investigate. The brief was to make artwork that reflected the humour in the books whilst feeling 'light, fun and colourful' to evoke the Florida warmth. Gail says "... I worked with a palette that seemed to reflect Florida colours and created the front cover image that illustrates a key event in each of the books. The type and background repeat pattern work to tie the books together visually. There is also a smaller, related image for use on the spine and back of each of the books."

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