Friday, February 22, 2013

STOP PRESS: Vince Ray creates Hot Fender Design

Legendary Guitar Brand Fender commission 'underground' artist Vince Ray to design another limited edition acoustic.

'Non Stop Rock 'n' Roll Voodoo Action!'; a statement on the back of this Vince Ray Voodoo Bucket 300CE, and one that sums up Vince Ray in life and art. Not the first time Vince has worked with this world leading guitar manufacturer, providing designs for T-Shirts and merchandise in the past, but this offer of putting his artwork on a guitar was 'a dream come true'. Vince says "...They were very open minded about the subject matter and gave me a free hand in choosing the theme for the latest model. I've always been a fan of the old delta blues style and wanted to create a design that had that 'wrong side of the tracks' vibe. Inspiration came from all those old blues songs about selling your soul to the devil and dancing the hoochie coo in juke joints, all the good ol' stuff! I've often used the expression 'Rock & Roll Voodoo' as a descriptive subtitle and it seemed very appropriate in this instance". Vince has also put together a fun video with a Fender dreadnought using inspiration from 50's horror B movies.

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