Monday, May 7, 2012

Bec Winnel at the Semi Permanent Creative Conference

Talking of her work and inspirations, Bec Winnel is a guest speaker at the Semi Permanent Creative Conference in Sydney on the 10th and 11th of May 2012.  Bec says of her work:

 "If I couldn’t create art, I think I would curl up and die. I have always loved creating and sharing artwork. Image making is my therapy and life fuel!

I’m a self taught artist from a young age. My first exhibitions were in Nan’s kitchen on her fridge. My art practice has changed from a young girl, from drawing realistic horses over and over, to exploring digital art whilst studying graphic design, then back to traditional techniques for my work as a represented commercial illustrator, advocate with Element Eden and my personal fine art work. I’ve been exhibiting in group shows for the past five years with the aim to finally have a solo show.

My personal work, portraits of feminine beauty, has predominantly been created using pastel and colour pencil, this year I am exploring oil painting alongside by previous techniques.

2012 is my first year as a full time artist. Up until now I was creating my art and commercial illustrations part time whilst working as a full time graphic designer. 2012 has also brought about a change of scenery. Originally a country girl, moved to Melbourne for five years and have now made a new home in the Alpine Valley region of Victoria, where I can focus solely on my art and be surrounded and inspired by nature and the simple things in life.

Through my art, I hope to evoke a sensual connection to my subjects while creating an affection for classic beauty, nature and nostalgia."

For more information on the event go to the Semi Permanent Event website.

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