Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Robinson Gets Historic With DNA

When it comes to interesting commissions, Keith Robinson was the illustrator and animator of choice for a series of programmes about DNA for Channel 4. The series looks at the distribution of DNA in Britain, and its relation to the many invasions and settlements throughout the country's history. The results themselves are based on a mammoth £2 million project by Oxford University and the Welcome Foundation, and feature a number of well-known faces who volunteered for DNA testing. For Keith the task was to produce a number of animated maps illustrating the routes of migration and invasion, as well as the distribution of DNA around the country today. The maps also feature in a book that accompanies the series. In addition Keith has created a number of short animated sequences to illustrate the various population groups. The highly evocative silhouette style that Keith employs so well here makes for an interesting departure from the usual historical "reconstructions" and 3D computer graphics typically used in history documentaries.

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