Thursday, January 13, 2011

Petition to support Pro-Action’s campaigning work

Petition to support Pro-Action’s campaigning work
The Pro-Action group is tackling unfavourable contracts and bad contract practice, such as the issuing of retrospective contracts, from visual arts commissioners, and the support of the visual arts industry adds weight to our campaigning work.

The Association of Photographers and Professional Cartoonists Organisation joined the Association of Illustrators and the Society of Artists Agents in the Pro-Action group in 2010, substantially increasing the number of visual artists Pro-Action represents. Help us challenge bad practice and sign the petition at
Our most recent contact has been with the Bauer Media group who publish many magazines, including Grazia, Take A Break, FHM, Heat, Empire, Q, Spirit and Destiny. You can see the points we raised with them over their Commission Agreement under Our Works on the Pro-Action website.

If you have any questions regarding Pro-Action, please ask your agent or contact Derek Brazell at or 020 7324 7221

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