Wednesday, October 20, 2010

London Fashion Week Sugar Cave and Liberty Prints

Emma Rios has been ever so busy! Two major commissions have recently been completed, the first of which is the "Sugar Cave" created for London Fashion Week. Emma produced a Jules Verne adventure using sugar as an architectural scale alongside art directors Bompas and Parr. Silver Spoon sugar was used to build a crystal cave that imagined the visitor had been shrunk to the size of a standard grain of table sugar!

Emma has also designed a range of prints for Liberty inspired by London. She says: "...I love Liberty and London so this was even more of an honour and a great treat to work on, even more so when I found out my designs were going on everything from tea pots to silk scarves …I even heard someone say socks! These prints include a map of London, a gentleman pigeon and a theatrical paper-cut of a haunting Thames..." This image shows the map which will be in Liberty from November.

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