Monday, October 11, 2010

Going it alone or Using an Agent?

Illustrators bring drawings and designs to life through their artistic creations. They work in a variety of different fields such as graphic design, animation, books and book covers or jackets, newspapers and magazines, advertising, posters, greeting cards, media, films and television and computer games. Illustrators have a wonderful imaginary energy with an exceptional artistic talent for drawing. For example, illustrators can bring words in a book to life through a sketch. Illustrators sometimes have to work to deadlines producing work to a specific detail, instruction or style. Sometimes work can consist of reading a script, perhaps for a piece of animation and creating drawn characters that fit in and adapt to the story perfectly.

Illustrators can find work independently and work freelance whether it is in a studio or at home. Some illustrators do find work or projects, however, via agents who help to promote them. Many illustrators may wonder if they would be better off employing the skills of an agent in order to secure themselves work. In actual fact, there are many benefits to using an agent rather than independently pursuing work projects, especially for those who are new to the field, with little or even no experience. The benefits of using an agent are many; they can get the work seen by submitting it to the relevant companies, publishers or art editors with whom they already have a trusted relationship. They can also match up perfect or ideal projects for their clients. They can negotiate on behalf of the illustrator as they have the experience to barter regarding contracts, terms or pay. They also handle all the invoicing regarding any payments. An agent will have good knowledge of the world of illustration and in particular the business side of things and this enables the illustrator to get their questions answered and the more obscure aspects of the business explained. One way that an agent will be a source of much more work for an illustrator is by dint of the fact that those who need to find an illustrator always tend can to go to a good agent. A reputable agent will have an excellent range of illustrators that they represent. Often it takes a lot longer for a company to seek out a good illustrator independently; it is much easier and quicker for them to go to an agent with a proven track record. Illustrators can form good long standing relationships with the various clients they work for, through the agent and if an illustrator leaves a good lasting impression then it is likely that the client will re-hire again.

For any illustrator looking for an agent to work on their behalf it is important to take on a well-regarded agent in order to best represent them and their work. Once this is achieved, the illustrator is allowed to concentrate on creating their artistic designs, whether it be book art or art memorabilia available at MEMORABILIA for example, without being distracted by the business side in which they may not be so adept or even interested in.

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