Friday, March 26, 2010

Bring on the Sunshine

With the onset of spring, illustrator Masha Karpushina was commissioned to bring a light touch to record label KPM’s new release Sunshine Playlist. The tracks mainly consist of easy listening indie music, and from this she took her inspiration. The client also encouraged her to push the handmade feel and so she went with not just with hand drawn images, but the notions of stitching and papier mache qualities as well. “The image took on this lightness, the idea of travel, and movement, and places to go and visit, with this hand-made world revolving around the title,” she says.

According to Masha Karpushina, she normally illustrates in black and white, but for this new CD label for KPM she wanted to explore colour a little bit more.

Karpushina works on separate layers, even when drawing. Later she scans the elements in, and finds it a simple process to manipulate them in Photoshop if the client requests amends.

Written by Garrick Webster

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