Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Art Marketing eBook & Water Aid

Richard Wilde at ArtyBuzz has an art marketing ebook which sheds some light on what illustrators can do to get their work noticed and to promote themselves. If you’d like to have a look it can be read and downloaded at here 

There's also a press pack for a fundraiser that he is currently running on for Water Aid, below. It’s a pretty good cause and some illustrators might want to add their work to the cause:

Using Art to Help Save Lives
A little known fact is that it is international World Water Day on 22nd March this year; and to both financially support and raise awareness for this important date, the art website,, is running a special fundraising initiative involving the sale of art.
The Liverpool based website has put together a special selection of water themed art, design and photography, and is going to donate all profits from the sale of these items to the registered charity Water Aid.  The water artworks are all available for purchase as prints, canvases, t shirts and more, meaning you can get a beautiful piece of art as well as donating to a good cause at the same time.
World Water Day is an internationally recognised day that was created in 1992 at the UN Conference on Environment and Development. The day aims to raise awareness of the lack of clean water that is still a problem in much of the world, and seeks to generate support for the many water relief charities that are trying to help get clean water to those most in need.
Richard Wilde, the founder of said “the lack of clean water is clearly a great problem in the world, and I wanted to do my bit, and give others the opportunity to help support this cause as well by providing these art gifts as a tool in which people could effectively make a donation and get something back themselves”.
Up until 23rd March, 100% of the profits from the sale of the selection of water gifts Artybuzz has compiled will go to Water Aid.  The selection of gifts can be found and purchased on the Artybuzz website at Any artists, designers or photographers who would like their own work to be sold for this good cause can also add their work to and it can be added to the selection.

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