Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Illustration opens in Shanghai

Great bit of PR that Tianyin has got for us with Media. Asia

SHANGHAI – London-based illustration company Illustration has opened its doors in Shanghai.

It has also launched a Chinese website to cater to clients in China. The Shanghai office is currently working with advertising agency's including Interone for a Mini campaign and Fashion Weekly publication.

“Illustration no longer means traditional illustrations, it is all about visual communication,” said Tianyin Wang, the agent for Greater China at Illustration.

Wang added: “China is a first-world country now and with that has a very fast maturing marketing and advertising industry. That is exactly the environment where illustration is used to add individuality and sophistication to campaigns.”

China is the second Asian country that Illustration has ventured into, besides Singapore.

Apart from the UK, Illustration has offices in the US and Germany. Clients in its UK and US portfolios include BBH, JWT, BBC, and Bloomsbury Publishing, Oxford University Press and Cambridge University Press.

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