Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Fohr Card Stories
the cover

Judith's story, written by her brother

Erika Bearman (OscarPRGirl) and Eva Chen (editor in chief at Lucky Magazine) are spotted with the book

This stunning book cover is created by Judith Van Den Hoek for the fashion blog directory 'Fohr Card'.
The book contains a series of short charming stories given by 'some Fohr Card favourites', and was sent out over the Christmas period to clients such as Chanel, Tom Ford, Cartier, Oscar de la Renta, EsteƩ Lauder and Michael Kors. Judith says "The book features about 20 Christmas stories about bloggers from the Fohr Card community. The stories are written by their parents or someone else who's close to that person. I'm also featured in it and my brother wrote a story about how we used to celebrate Christmas when we were little."

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