Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Echo A La Mode

Echo Chernik's 3rd Art Book 'Echo A La Mode' has come to fruition through the backing of her loyal fans and supporters via Kickstarter. This funding platform for creative projects has allowed Echo to raise over $14,000 to put together an 'indulgent must have' full of some of her finest works including the 'Shadowrun portraits' and 'Goddesses of Cuisine.' She said at the start of the project "This is the book that my fans have been asking for - one featuring only the best of my work. The base required amount will allow me to produce a 64-page soft cover version and a limited number of hard cover versions of ECHO A LA MODE, an art book featuring art, notes, sketches, photos, and details about my process that everyone has been begging me for. Stretch goals will be added to improve the length and quality of the book. For example, ECHO NOUVEAU successfully reached stretch goals that allowed an increase to 100 pages, a hard-cover, a beautiful spot varnish, and gold foil embossed slip-cases for Kickstarter backers and collectors only." Now the financial goals have been exceeded, the book is due to be released in the early Summer. More information on the Kickstarter website.

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