Friday, September 7, 2012

Paper Sculpture, naturally!

Gail Armstrong's fantastic man-in-a-boat has won a place at the Images 36 Best of British Illustration exhibition at Somerset House this October. And as one of the activities planned to accompany the exhibition, Gail will be doing a workshop where visitors can manipulate some paper themselves under Gail's experienced tuition.

"Paper sculpture is the art of cutting, gluing, folding, embossing and manipulating paper to create three dimensional or relief images. This workshop aims to cover these basic techniques to enable participants to create their own individual paper sculptures.

We will work on a theme of nature, looking at how plants and insects might be reinterpreted in paper. Whilst some reference and white paper will be supplied, I would encourage those attending to bring their own pictures of insects or plants to inspire them. If people wish to bring their own papers to work with (wallpaper samples, coloured paper, wrapping paper, etc) pieces sized between A4 and A3 are generally adequate"

The workshop will take place at Somerset House at 6pm on 18th October, for more information go to the Somerset House website.

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