Tuesday, July 24, 2012

STOP PRESS: Alex Fuentes and Coldplay

Alex Fuentes illustrates Coldplay's much anticipated Mylo Xyloto comic book

Last week's Comic Con in San Diego saw a teaser of Coldplay's fictional story 'Mylo Xyloto' to be released in a series of six comic books. Alex Fuentes was thrilled to contribute to the art, with some dynamic illustrations following Mylo who is fighting a "war against sound and colour".

Alex says "I find I am most happiest when I'm allowed to use and challenge all of my skills. For me making comics has that diverse creative intensity. I'm just having a blast creating this world and it's inhabitants and placing them in cinematic situations. While building environments, props, characters, graffiti/hand drawn typography and so forth. To top it off I'm working with an extremely talented team!"

The comic, co-written by film director Mark Osborne will be officially released in February 2013.

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