Monday, April 18, 2011

Chocolate Waterfall

If you are finding yourself near Whiteley's Shopping centre this week, please go and see one spectacular installation created by Bompas and Parr, sets painted by Emma Rios:

Bompas & Parr to open Chocolate Waterfall at Whiteleys Shopping Centre

"Bompas & Parr is building a Chocolate Waterfall at Whiteleys Shopping Centre open between 22 -25 April. Visitors don a protective suit and step through a chocolate waterfall to visit a chamber flooded with five tonnes of chocolate.  They will then blend and bottle a chocolate elixir in the installation’s processing unit.
This April is the 40th Anniversary of the original film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Bompas & Parr honours Roald Dahl’s creativity by constructing a real Chocolate Waterfall that flows at a rate of 12,000 litres an hour. The waterfall serves to keep the chocolate fully mixed.
The Chocolate Waterfall pulls together Bompas & Parr’s favourite beans from around the world (Ghana, India, Indonesia and the Caribbean) to create its first house blend. Dr Rachel Edwards-Stuart, food technologist and flavour expert helped develop the recipe. The five tonne mixture is chocolatey with hints of plum, red wine and earth.
After visiting the Chocolate Waterfall people will be given the chance to bottle and take away their own chocolate elixir – a concentrated chocolate cordial. Visitors customize the chocolate elixir by blending flavours like lavender, jasmine or pine by hand.
The temporary installation will appeal to all ages. It will excite children’s imaginations. Adults will be intrigued by the food on an architectural scale, excellent design, unusual flavours and encouraged to release their inner child.
Whiteleys Shopping Centre is a magical location with an illustrious history. It was built by William Whiteley as an imposing store for the public to provide everything from ‘a pin to an elephant’. It became known as the ‘universal provider’. At its peak it was the height of luxury with a golf-course on the roof and a theatre..."

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