Monday, March 14, 2011

Emma Rios in Remastered

Emma Rios has collaborated with Dan Price to exhibit in Remastered, an exhibition which has taken place at 1 Marylebone over the weekend.
"The Remastered project considers some of the most recognised works throughout art history, inviting thirteen contemporary artists and designers to reinterpret them, with technology at the core. Emma Rios and Dan Price take the most intriguing elements of Manet’s A Bar at the Folie-Bergere, the ambiguous perspective and the female subject, to create an interactive 18th century kaleidoscopic den. Enter and become mesmerised by throbbing reflections, magnifying the sinister side of Manet’s  famously controversial depiction of modern life." 

It is unfortunately now closed to the public, have a look here for more pictures and moving image.

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