Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kensington Palace Gardens

Be sure to keep your eyes to the skies this summer when walking through the gardens of Kensington Palace so you don’t miss these astounding creations by Emma Rios.
This is another feather in the hat of creative mastermind Emma who designed these metal silhouetted archways throughout the Sunken Garden, where they will remain for 2 years. Encompassing some ideas and designs from a group of teenagers, the arches tell a story of the princesses who have lived within the palace walls. Emma was honoured to have her work as part of the show.


  1. Love your ART!

    Johanna, Sweden

  2. What a happy find - great site. Thanks for this info - have you seen Rob Ryan's work?

  3. Yes we are BIG fans of Rob's magical work. Went to see him live at the "Pick Me Up" exhibition at Somerset House last month and was so inspirational to watch him lightly sketch out a design on one half of a large paper sheet, while his team of assistants carefully cut away with scalpels on the other - I wanted to pick up all the fallen pieces to use as confetti! I'm pleased you like our site - Emma's work is great isn't it? She & Rob are friends.