Sunday, July 12, 2009

Plimsoll Artwork

These toe-tapping shoe designs by a whole host of our most talented illustrators form part of the great artwork produced for plimsoll people, Kings of Neon.
Selling hand-customised plimsolls, Kings of Neon sell via their site and have outlets in River Island and Topman. Anne Wilson, Ben Tallon, Max Gregor, Nadia Flower, Natalie Kilany, Nick Diggory, Patrick Boyer, Sarah Beetson, Tianyin Wang, Victoria Ball and Ella Tjader now have their images printed proudly on funky footwear.Anne Wilson's portfolio. Ben Tallon's portfolio. Max Gregor's portfolio. NadiaFlower's portfolio. Natalie Kilany's portfolio. Nick Diggory's portfolio. Patrick Boyer's portfolio. Sarah Beetson's portfolio. Tianyin Wang's portfolio. Victoria Ball's portfolio. Ella Tjader's portfolio.

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