Thursday, December 23, 2010

Arresting Illustrations From Akib

Jamel Akib has produced a series of outstanding illustrations for the Home Office. Commissioned by Graham Fink and the creative team at M&C Saatchi, the images were to convey a certain busy-ness and have been superbly balanced by Jamel’s pastel style. His approach was also to allow for flexibility of image-use across the advertising campaign (which comprises posters, press ads and animated TV ads). For Jamel this meant following a basic composition to create some 70 to 80 separate scenes which the team at M&C Saatchi later pieced together for the final illustrations. The schedule itself was quite gruelling. Says Jamel: “They'd call up in the morning and say ‘could we have some corrugated iron’ and there’d be a courier there to collect it in the afternoon.”

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